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    Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue # 2

    If you need more experience almost all the rest of us are in trouble. Looks great as always.
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    SOF help I have this guy in mind for when I try one. I believe he has videos whacking his boats with hammers including the claw side.
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    Plywood Scarfing Jig

    Geat idea. What kind of bit do you in the router?
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    Hammock Holdall Camping organizer

    Saw this on Kickstarter. I am not associated with them, just thought it was a good idea. Looks easy to make if you can sew or know someone that can...
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    No Plans SS&G, No Plans, 3rd Try

    Hope you and Corn Pop didn't get into it over the fishing spot. Let's Go Brandon!!!
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    No Plans SS&G, No Plans, 3rd Try

    Wow that's pretty.
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    A Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue

    Nice work as always Bee. Did you put anything on the floor for traction? I can't tell if it's a reflection, or a gritty surface. Seems like I saw one here or TKF that had salt or sugar (?) sprinkled on to provide better footing.
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    Biden , Making the Covid antibody treatment political.

    Our Gov is in Biden's sight also. Yet Andrew "Granny Killer" Cuomo was hailed as the leader and the gold standard in C-19 response and even headed the weekly advisory calls with Governors. Mike Pence used to lead the calls. White House press secretary Jen Psaki refuses to condemn Cuomo over...
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    SS&G No Plans Again!

    Great jobs as always OBP! She looks great from here.
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    SS&G No Plans Again!

    As Big Tex would say: Welcome (back) to Texas!
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    Not an Uncle John Pirogue Seat

    That's neat. First time I've heard/seen that.
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    G'day guys.

    Welcome back!
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    What Makes A Boat A ..........?

    Love that accent. Thanks Bee.
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    Paddle Boat Registration

    For the record, I like that joke and have told my wife I'm going to name my boat the same thing. Here is some background on "I'll be here all week":
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    Paddle Boat Registration

    Thanks Jack! Any chance you'll be here all week?
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    Bicycling you would not believe. .

    Glad they show the bloopers, otherwise I'd think he was super human.
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    Flip Tool cart and ripping cedar

    Glad to hear you are healing up. Thanks for the info on the bubble foil. My local Habit for Humanity ReStore had a lot full of foam roof panels, but they sold pretty quick. I might try those at $3.00 per 4x8 panel. My garage is framed on 24 centers, so should be pretty easy.
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    Flip Tool cart and ripping cedar

    Hope you get back to 99.9% soon. How do you like the reflectix insulation? I have considered that to insulate my garage.
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    A new pirogue project in Tallahassee

    She looks great! I like that green, and the interior does not look bad either.
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    Christmas Boat Parade

    Looks like fun. Thanks Bee