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    Closing down Southernpaddler forum due to inactivity

    Apparently Robin has not made the switch over as of yet. He said he had some plans that he wanted to do at a later date.
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    Closing down Southernpaddler forum due to inactivity

    Guy's it's been a pleasure knowing all of you and the great boats that have been built. I hope everyone had as much fun with their boats as we did on here. I know I did.
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    Closing down Southernpaddler forum due to inactivity

    For all concerned this forum will cease on Jan 1 , 2024 and it been a good run over the last 25 years. Time to move on to other matters. I asked Robin to remove us from his server freeing up space for him. My decision is based on going one month & 4 days ( Nov 15 to Dec 19 ) without any...
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    yard sale kayak

    Nice profit margin.
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    yard sale kayak

    It pays if you know the item you are after or the one that just appears when least expected. I have had some really nice treasures appear out of the blue at yard sales , especially after taking the time to talk with the folks. There are treasures to be located at yard sales but junk is also...
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    Not an Uncle John Pirogue Seat

    The older I get the faster the time fly's by. Seams like just yesterday our grandson was crawling , today he is studying karate and gymnastics while joining the chess club. Haven't hit the "great, great" nephews and nieces stage yet.
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    Small Paddlers

    He said ..." What should I build for a smaller paddler say 5'5" and 125lbs with minimal paddling experience?"
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    Kayak Surfing

    Wouldn't a white water kayer when using the same kayak for surf kayaking find it rather boring. The surf around here is basically weak and unlike those giant waves in other places. Quite a while back ( the middle 1960's ) an fishermen used a Solo Folbot to go offshore ( Cocoa area ) to shark...
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    A Comfortable Pirogue (Boat) seat ..ya can make

    You are burning daylight.
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    Sampan or plank pirogue

    Easy portage , could see where he was going. His ingenious style of holding the botttom on the boat as he attached it was thoughtful. I like how he made the sealent for the boat and fixed a meal at the same time.
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    24 Hour Kayak

    Be a good 1st time kayak to see if you like one. Or one you would not worry about to much to use for duck hunting. That's to get to the blind , out to shoot , then back in to return to the vehicle. It could be camouflaged to look like a log or something since it would not have the traditional...
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    24 Hour Kayak

    Looks to me like it will take a lot more then 24 hours to build it.
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    Marsh Pirogue (almost)

    We have the plastic chairs on the back patio and I drilled two small drain holes in the rear portion of the seat for drainage. In a rain they become a small , posterior , soaking pool. They are comfortable and almost indestructible should make a great boat seat. Some old time history and those...
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    Kids Pirogue

    The bench could serve several different uses for a outdoors person. A seat for starters , a fish cleaning station or a foot rest , a cooking table or a dinning area , a night stand for valubale inside a tent. The list goes on and on.
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    Kids Pirogue

    All of my boats , especially the ones made from 1/8th inch wood were glassed inside and outside to help strengthen the wood. Also as additional protection from abrasion caused by the scuffling of the feet when inside the boat.
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    Assists for aging fishermen

    " The rope was getting difficult and for a while my balance was off shortly after standing too quick." I found that happens when you try to get up to quickly. Last February I had a nurse get really mad at me when I got up to fast. The room was wobble for a short time. Best to take it slow...
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    Assists for aging fishermen

    1st , Happy Birthday. Wouldn't a good old fashion Oak Cane help with getting up and down. Just asking because when my back was giving me fits last year. I used a Trekking pole ( A backpackers Trekking pole ) as an assistance in getting up and down. Preparing for the next go-round ( I know...
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    So you thought you were a good shot.

    Take a look at what this guy can do with a Bow and Arrows , yep , plural , arrows.
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    Kids Pirogue

    Sure loooks like a boat. I would say it's a boat in the raw since the finishing coat is not on it ....yet.
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    Building a square stern pirogue strip, stitch and glue

    I never thought of using some plastic to make a pattern for the glass. I just stumbled ahead with a solid sheet. Then when it was in I trimmed to fit and matched everything up. Some good fillets in the ends were my salvation. Especially for hiding any rough areas and smoothing things out.