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    paddle protection

    Catfish: If the paddle is raw wood, then a few coats of epoxy followed by several coats of varnish is good protection. Seems like overkill but the epoxy will make it waterproof while the varnish will protect it from UV rays. Hope this helps.
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    Bamboo Bows & Arrows

    That looks good. I've been using some bamboo in my recent Boat Paddles. Been getting samples of bamboo flooring from HD and cutting them into strips to laminate handles for the paddles. Adds some spring to the paddle and should be quite strong as well. Would be interested in seeing your bows and...
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    Grandson's new paddle

    Now that I have two grandson's I couldn't play favorites so I made this one for my newest grandson and gave it to him on the day of his Christening..... New paddle for a new man..... Not the one holding the paddle, the one in Mommies arms........
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    Just fooling around

    Hope no one recognizes this driver.... Grandchildren grow up so fast....... Don't mess with Mumzie!...... Paddling on the Suwannee River...... Dirty Dog..... :roll: :roll: :lol:
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    Grandson's new paddle

    My grandson finally had an opportunity to paddle with me at Fort Mountain Park a few weeks back and said his old paddle was too small for him now. He also liked the idea of a bamboo handle so back to the workshop I went. Had to make it personal for him as well....... I took some bamboo...
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    Paddle QUESTION...

    On a greenland style paddle I have no idea but a lot depends on what type of boat and paddling you are doing. Are you asking specifically about a double blade paddle? A good kayak shop will be able to point you in the right direction and have several on hand to maybe try out. Your height and...
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    Fontana Lake 4th of July Week

    I must be getting close to being a "Geezer" as we camped for almost a whole week and never broke camp, a new first for us. We found Cable Cove Campground on Lake Fontana, NC and while our plan was to camp a few nights and then move, we opted to stay put. A very wise and relaxing choice. We did...
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    Just might do it?

    Give me a shout out before you come down and can paddle. With the way things are right now I can't rely on my memory to remind me. Hopefully we can set up something with some of the locals and have another good time on either spot. The Ogeechee is finally getting down low enough to find a few...
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    Just might do it?

    Congrats on the upcoming retirement. Now you just have to pick a date to move to God's Country, Georgia that is...... Couldn't be happier for you as I am looking foward to the day I can retire. Might have to be an old bicycle with Gatordog in a basket but what the heck! Hope you get to make one...
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    my canoe partner

    Gator dog's mine. Got a bad rep down in Florida...... Never says no to a trip, ready when I am.... :D
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    Suwannee River Apr 2010

    I did get to try out my two new paddles and they worked great. Sorry Chuck but I may have to hold onto them for now. :mrgreen:
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    Suwannee River Apr 2010

    Friday we met up in Whitesprings, Fla. around 2 pm. ACA outfitters has moved from downtown back out to Wendels house where they originally started and now have a campground behind the house. His prices have increased as well as charging for parking, so for just the four of us it was a little...
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    Zebra Wood in a paddle

    That's just some poplar that I have around the shop. I wanted the blade a little wider than I cut the slanted strips so I had to add. I really do like the way it came out. Used the bent paddle this past weekend and it worked great. Hopefully have this one finished and use it on the Suwannee this...
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    Zebra Wood in a paddle

    While I was in the Zebra wood section I decided why not make a straight paddle to match the double bent one. Still have to glass the tip and add some more epoxy but it looks all right for "home made"..... :D
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    Zebra Wood in a paddle

    With the thin blade that I make for this double bent paddle I do fiberglass the blade. Too fragile otherwise. I did laminate the shaft, just like the way it looks but the blade is solid zebra wood. I think I'll make a straight paddle from the boards I have next and see what I can come up with...
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    Zebra Wood in a paddle

    I received some small boards of Zebra Wood from my nephew in Texas and decided to piece some into a paddle blade. Came out nice I think. Here's the whole paddle
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    Just another Paddle

    I went to finish the paddle and found my spar varnish skinned over in the can, as it was late I went to the local box store and got some Cabot's Spar Varnish. To make a long story short I applied a coat and 3 days later it was still tacky. Not wanting to strip the whole paddle I preceded to...
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    15 MPH Tomato

    This one was pretty small. On the internet they listed one that was about a foot long but didn't show the head that well. Definitely freaked me out when I found it outside the house.
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    My Midlife Crisis

    Definitely a Sostice by Pontiac. Picked this up from the local Saturn Dealer, they were made at the same plant as the Sky, also exported as the Opel GT. I liked the looks of the Solstice better than the Sky, reminds me of the original Corvette. Not very expensive compared to any other two seater...
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    15 MPH Tomato

    Speaking of imports, found this crawling up my window a week ago and researched it on the internet. Seems to be a shovelnose earthworm coming in from south america on strawberries.