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    Reelfoot StumpJumper Boats

    There are several web sites on Google dealing with the Reelfoot Boats ( Stump Jumper ). The closest one that I have made is the Bayou Skiff from Uncle John ( Cajun Boats ) . Matt at Jem Watercraft has a couple that are close to it. The Crawdad and...
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    Making A Pattern

    When i made that stripper pirogue I made flat sheets using the strips and then marked where to cut the shape of the bottom. Basically I followed the plans from Uncle Johns pirogues to make the stripper. It took 144 1/4 thick strips and 16 feet long to make it. Basically all I did was to...
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    Cold Soaked Lemon & Basil Couscous

    I was looking around for a cold soaking meal that sounded good and think I located one to put on here for future reference. Basically as a no cook summer camping meal. Cold Soaked Lemon & Basil Couscous. 4.75 oz Couscous. ( Equal parts of Couscous & Water when soaking , for about 1 hour. )...
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    Yep , I like chocolate ice cream and just got two new knives to use. Those are personal celebrations which I really enjoy. One was a Swiss Army Ranger Grip 79 ( Has a saw blade in it ) and the other a Opinel # 10 fillet knife. The fireworks show are usually during the national holidays...
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    Jack. What a boring place you must live in , no celebrations or fireworks ? We have fireworks for all the major holidays and even some minor ones. Even other occasions we don't think of but just do spontaneously for the fun of it. You know ( forget that you don't know ) like when Bubba won...
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    2019 ???? What a new start. 83 degrees with 60% humidity , lots of sunshine and a wind blowing. The grass needed to be cut since all the Christmas decorations are down and put away for another year. Just for the fun of it :rolleyes: I re-potted two new Rosemary bushes into larger pots.. Then...
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    One has to be achieved over the years and the other is guaranteed.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year
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    Pinckney Cafe' Pimento Cheese & Others Recipes

    Christmas 2018 Again this year , all she wants me to bring is this cheese mix. She even told me she already has the crackers to go with it.
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    In the Okefenokee Swamp for a five day trip we put in at Kingfisher landing and paddled to Maul hammock for the 1st night. The chickee at the north side of the lake is the highest item to be found. Because of that it became a roost for every buzzard in that area. Fortunately half of it was...
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    At lease the buzzards were not waiting or looking for me.
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    After the mower was put back in the workshop out on the back porch , in the shade , sipping a unsweetened Ice Tea. Perfect weather , what I call natural air conditioning , 45 in the morning with it climbing all the way to 65 this afternoon. No cardinals today but a few hawks and some robins...
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    Merry Christmas to all and to all a very safe and joy filled New Year. By the way forget any diet you might be on , the 1st of the year was designed for starting or going back on a diet. ;) What a way to end the year.........Just finished mowing the lawn. The sun is shinning , a slight breeze...
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    Modified JEM Crawdad SS&G

    After I read that article in sailing about the use of epoxy and graphite on the bottom. It was on Americas sail boat for a upcoming race. If it made the bottom slippery then it should be great and make paddling threw the weeds easier. I had to try it. I coated the one pirogue with the epoxy...
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    REINDEER? Mayyyyybe

    Jack can have a valid point about the deer checking out the load capacity of his roof. The last thing they want is to get hurt with a roof falling in when they stop at his place with a heavy , over loaded sleigh. A overloaded sleigh full of coal is mighty heavy. o_O
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    2018 season

    Yep , I see your guy staring at you. Reminds me of L.B.J and his big ears.
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    2018 season

    Stopped a long time ago. My Uncle and cousin and I went hunting at Ocala National Forest. Leaving camp and stopping at a restaurant in the early morning hours for a bite to eat. We sat at a table and at the table across from us three hunters were talking. The one guy asked the others if they...
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    Wannabe... Johnny R. "Bob" Williams. 11-04-46 -- 11-19-18

    Bear Ridge ( Bill ) sent me this email this afternoon about the unexpected death of Wannabe. " Wannabe is gone but not forgot. He died unexpectedly at home. Here is the funeral home site. "
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    FREE ????? How about the taxes and all the political correctives ( free speech ? ) we face every day. Around here the Holidays let us forget all of the above for a while when the community helps each other. :) Locally one Law Firm is handing out 2,500 turkeys and meals to families in need...
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    Different Kind of Stitch and Glue

    Sounds to me like your Doc is practicing stitching and gluing so he can make a boat.