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    2018 season

    I guess all of you geezers done quit hunting? Well been awhile for me too but after a dry year last season finally got a Doe and porky thanksgiviving day.
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    Hope. Yall. Had a. Good one too
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    Wannabe... Johnny R. "Bob" Williams. 11-04-46 -- 11-19-18

    Sorry to hear this, life is. Short
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    Any you l camping with chuck? Heard he was and having a hurricane party. He usually when camping, Chuck hope all. Al stay safe in Florida and south western Ga,
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    Haven't been on here alot lately so thought I would drop in and say hi. Also hope all you geezers that have medical issues on on here get well soon. God bless
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    Thinking. About and praying for all you. Guys in Texas.
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    Irma ........

    Glad. All. You. Geezers. Are. Ok down south. We had alto of rain but no damage again we were. Blessed again,
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    Be eating some new potatoes in a few days. Been like a kid in a candy store. Been scratching and peeking. :D :wink:
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    Sad Day

    Sorry to hear that. Prayers. With you
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    Well I have been having some sort of a time.

    Hope you have speedy recovery. Chuck.
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    Yea jack your style takes all the fun out of it. :D :mrgreen:
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    Jack glad to say i believe they are prettier now than when the cold killed them. :D done fertilized them plowed. And laid by,
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    Got a question for some of you older geezer farmers, had some pretty 6 inch high Irish potatoes. Until winter 22 degrees. Hit this morning, will they sprout back out or are they toast?
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    Winter Fishing

    Nice catch Mr. Bee, where's your honey hole at? :lol: :mrgreen:
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    Not some normal Florida weather...

    Chuck you got that right. It was bad here too. Had to work in it but we hung out by the storm shelters allay yesterday. It was bad from miss all the way to fla. It was really bad in counties not too far from me where. Several lost their lives. Im not an old geezer like some of you 54 but I have...
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    Sold pirogue

    Chuck atleast they didn't leave you a treat in your garage ft e or boat like they did someone's boat in the okee. :lol: :mrgreen:
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    New Year........

    Jack that makes you how old? If they only new who they fixing to talk too? :lol: :mrgreen: hope all Al geezers have a happy new year too
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    Families, Holidays, and Meals

    Chuck. That's what we having for dinner bacon sasauge grits and eggs. Just she is cooking instead of the hop. Wanted something easy and different. Hope all of yal geezers have a merry Christmas.
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday. Geezers. Hope yal have many more to come. See jack I told you eating your grits you would live a long time to. :lol: :mrgreen: