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    Anatomy of a Thug

    See attachment.
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    Dry Docked Deer

    Enjoy the read!
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    Sailboat Re-furb (or) "What did I get myself into?"

    I know this isn't a sailboat forum, but I figured I'd start a thread on the refurb of the 15' sailboat I got from the kind Mr. Tommy, aka woodchips. Here's the specs: Here's some more: ... ercury.pdf...
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    Deciding on next build

    Okay, I'll open the next can o' worms! :lol: Trying to decide between the Jem TV-15, TV-19, or Northwind. I know there's no ideal "all waters" craft, but these seem to be the closest three for all the waters I'd run in.
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    Canvas Knockdown Pirogue?

    Anybody ever build one, know where I can get decent ideas/plans, and/or have pics?
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    My Granny

    Truth is the best humour sometimes. Granny was getting up in years and had moved in with my Momma & Daddy because she had been "slippin" a tad bit - forgetting things on the stove, etc.. She was sitting in the porch swing when I drove up, so I bent down and hugged her, then sat down beside her...
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    Recommendations for build table?

    Like the title says... Any advice...especially pics...would be welcomed. Have some ideas of my own, just wanna make sure I ain't headin' down a bad road! :wink:
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    Paddle QUESTION...

    Can't seem to find info for this... do I determine proper length for a normal paddle? or for Greenland paddle?
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    Father & Son & "The Learning Curve"...

    ...or "BUB" (Butt Ugly Boat). 11 year old and I started, and so far we are up to hulled in, outer rails on, inner rails almost done, & outer hull painted. Sorry...kept forgeting to take pics up to now, but will post some Thursday. Did some 'strange' things, as we used mostly what was "laying...