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    Got To Love Pirogue Fishing

    I'm jealous not much better than fishing cypress trees in October!
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    Epoxy/Fiberglass Strength

    Thanks for posting. Gives us some idea of relative strength vs weight for smarter building.
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    A Plank Pirogue

    Thanks postingJD. You amaze me :)
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    Steam (fog) coming of the lake. Water is cooling down.... crappie will be warming up!
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    Got To Love Pirogue Fishing

    Thanks for the picture JD. Makes me" home sick," spent a wonderful 28 years living a few miles from that place. Keep fish`n Andy
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    Bee thanks for the link in the form there's some good information about using clear coat in lieu of varnish. I clear coated my last build instead of varnish too early to tell but it's doing good so far.
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    Back to a Normal Life!

    Back to a normal life! After about two months of in and out of the hospital,seven endoscopic surgeries on my pancreas and stomach, losing 50+ pounds, I am on the recovery road! I’ve managed to gain back about 25 pounds, strong enough to load the pirogue, and grateful.Seems I had a 14 cm...
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Jack, thanks for rekindling old memories. It's amazing how similar our past are. I recently read a book " Cajun Grace" about growing up in a Louisiana swamp. No that much different than Kansas if substitute prairie for swamp! Enjoy spring Andy
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    Scrap Brazillian Mesquite

    Niel, You might take a look at the Matt's craw dad at JEM watercraft. I've built a couple of them in SS&G. Very stable, lightweight, and short enough to go in pick up, even the newer "short beds". Also it has a transom if a small trolling motor is your thing. I highly recommend this little...
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    Keeping up

    David, at least you still have a sense of humor! keep positive,and remember we are thinking about you and praying for you to get better. Andy
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    Modified JEM Crawdad SS&G

    Finished, well just about needs varnish after the epoxy cures a week or so. I'll get to that next spring when we return from Texas. The deck needs a splash board both for function and also probably for strength. I cut, planed, and rounded the edges of a cedar fence board.Then made a card board...
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    A Canoe/Pirogue Double Paddle

    Now I'm envious! December fishing in Louisiana, my favorite. With any luck in two weeks I'll be pulling white perch out of cypress trees. Hopefully Bistineu, Baudca, and Dorcheat. Depends on he water level. Good Fish'n Andy
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    2018 season

    GEEZER EYE TEST We have a creek bottom in our pasture and one of our La daughters has a game camera there. As I was going to check the camera (which had zero deer) I just happened to see this guy watching me! Can you see him?
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    Wannabe... Johnny R. "Bob" Williams. 11-04-46 -- 11-19-18

    Bob will be missed by many of us, who never met him face to face. I enjoyed the humor and knowledge he brought to the forum. RIP Brother.
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    Modified JEM Crawdad SS&G

    or this post we start with the inwhales. I like to put them in before the deck and transom supports. I cut the "rails" and spacers. I like to make the spacers thick enough for 1/4 rope to fit through the slots. Also it is easier to route the rail edges, round off the spacer corners, sand, and...
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    Keeping up

    David, Remember our prayers for strength and peace are with you, please know that we care. Andy
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    Modified JEM Crawdad SS&G

    Well it's been a few weeks without post. I spent a week taking one daughter and three cousins and from Indiana fishing. Four 50 some year old women everyday in the boat! It was a blast! Just got back to working on the boat and then this weekend ended up spending three days in the hospital...
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    Different Kind of Stitch and Glue

    I had an infected gallbladder removed Friday. When the surgery was done the Doc came in and told us five little incisions. They will stay because they are STITCHED AND GLUED! Hopefully back to finishing the Crawdad next week.:) Andy
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    Keeping up

    David, I'm sure by now you know what a blessing the port is. My Bride had her first one taken out, didn't need it anymore and wanted to be rid of it. The second didn't function well, third one has been in three years and works great. Just has to make sure it gets flushed every three months. Sure...
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    Keeping up

    David, Sounds like you're handling the situation with a good attitude, from experience my advice is to keep working at the positive aspect. We all handle these differently, remember your wife is with you and together you can do the work of one! My prayers are with you and remember even far...