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    Spell Eucalyptus

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    Great budget 22....

    Yah Chuckles, my favorite all around gun is the shotgun. Seen a TV show awhile ago that the shotgun is the real gun that won the west. Most people heading West had shotguns. It could put a rabbit in the pot, as well as a deer on a spit using buckshot. It also worked well keeping the bad guys...
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    Hey Mike!!! Ya got yer ears on? What gin do you suggest to serve with pickled pigs feet?;)
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    Great budget 22....

    I’m a sucker for rimfire guns and shooting. I have Ruger 22’s, Savage 17’s, S&W’s. Last Spring, RK Guns had a Rossi 22 on sale for 99 bucks. I checked reviews and they were overwhelmingly positive so I bought one. WOW! It turned out to be a wonderful shooter! It it a fine piece of machine work...
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    Joseph Goebbels was the the Nazi Parties propaganda minister. He did a damn good job because he had an entire nation believing the crap he broadcasted. We have at least four networks that are the propaganda wing of the Demoncrats party. They are not journalists in any sense of the word...
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    Everything they accused 45 of.... the Demoncrats already committed. Collusion with Russia.... Hellery and fake dossier on 45. She also arranged for the sale of 20% of uranium to Russia thru Canada and made 25 million off the deal. Hobama was caught on a hot mic telling the Russkies he will be...
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    Don’t Tread On Me!

    Political sickness... mad with power!
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    Howdy Mike.... good to hear from ya! Let’s have some pickled pigs feet & gin!
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    2020 Sucks so far........

    We seemed to have already had Winter here in SW Penciltucky.... Nov & December we had very cold weather & snow to cover the ground. After Christmas it started getting mild. Yesterday we hit 71 degrees I think it tied a record set in the 1890’s. My son picked me up and we had a wonderful day at...
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    I remember David, enjoyed his posts all the time.
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    Bad Moon Rising...

    “We The People” fight back. The Sheriff’s in these counties take their Oath serious to protect and defend the Constitution.
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    Merry Christmas

    I miss a lot of people at Christmas.... every passing Christmas the list gets longer and grows faster. :( Anyway, wishing the best for everyone in the New Year.
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    Bad Moon Rising...

    Just what we need.... some rich New York SOB telling us what we should have or not have, how we should act or not act, what rights I should have or not have.... this tyrant knows better how I need to manage my life!?! A guy who mandated what size soft drink I’m allowed to have and drink!!! If...
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    "Don't Go "

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    Christmas & poking fun at fruitcakes again...

    Only good fruitcake is a dead fruitcake... Choot Em’!!!
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    Christmas & poking fun at fruitcakes again...

    Some fruitcake fun for the holiday. I think most people hate fruitcakes.. I sure do but my wife of 49 years liked them. The link is shooting fruitcakes with a 22 & 45-70. Now.... take a guess at how many fruitcakes a 22 will go through... and than a 45-70. I was surprised myself. Now the 45-70
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    12 truths of getting old...

    #Talk to yourself, because there are times you need expert advice. #2 - Consider "In Style" to be the clothes that still fit. #3 - You don't need anger management. You need people to stop pissing you off. #4 - Your people skills are just fine. It's your tolerance for idiots that...