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    Well, tomorrow’s Easter. The sun’s up now, so I went outside to hide my egg. Or, did I do that already, yesterday?
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    Whilst sheltering at home in the new, fashionable style, I spend a bit more time out on my deck. Reading, watching birds, smoking a cigar, and counting squirrels. When I first moved in here, there were five kinds of squirrels in the woods behind me. There were fox squirrels, gray squirrels...
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    3C, is there more to your story about making knives? Others on here do that too.
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    An Isolated St. Patty’s Day

    With our world being locked into a corona seclusion, St. Patty’s day will be a bit different.
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    From time to time, we think about, and maybe talk about, becoming "better". Self improvement, like a tough piece of steak, is better if taken in small bites, chewed on for a good while, and swallowed carefully. Let's pretend that one of us is deciding to make himself better. Not that any of...
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    I just received word from Shirley Wallace, David's wife. David has lost his battle with cancer, and passed away on 30 September. The bushman is in heaven. I raise a glass to him.
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    Merry Christmas

    Pausing while drinking a mug of hot tea, and extending my wish that we all have a Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthful New Year. Stay safe out there, friends. Mind the blessings, cherish the friends, and love the family. Don't forget to pet a dog.
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    We haven't talked about alcohol stoves in a while. For a couple or three years, there were scads of imaginative designs for them. I'm not offering another design, just a question. Has anyone ever tried firing one with some waterless hand cleaner? If so, how does it work?
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    . . . . . . and, now some leaves are flying. A good sized shagbark hickory is behind my kitchen window; another smaller one is out front. Black walnut trees are neighbors a couple-three hundred yards yonder. Fox squirrels, and smaller black squirrels, are scampering all around...
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    . . . . . and, there may be others?

    Some of us, who are members of this group, are elders. Heck! Most of us are well into the realm of geezerdom. Part of the benefits of becoming members of that group, is a growing collection of wisdom. Much of that wisdom, probably came from making unwise mistakes. Once in a while, we were...
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    (NOT) In A Nutshell

    In years past, I pretty much enjoyed the holidays. I could take refuge from weeks and weeks of Christmas carols on the radio, syrupy stories on TV, and hordes of rude people in malls and department stores - by sitting serenely at home, bowl in lap, and tools in hand - cracking and eating mixed...
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    Make America Great Again

    At the risk of starting a hot, political argument, (please, let's not) I pass along a couple of observations. In May, I sent away for a bright, red cap that proclaims, "Make America Great Again". Maybe others have one too? I wear it about half of the time, and different caps the rest of the...
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    It is a time of year again, to express our thanks and gratitude for our freedom. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and we can see farther out ahead because of that assistance we were given. Freedom of choice is the one, single, most important benefit that we have. It underlies all lther...
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    A Loss

    I fear that our member, Bear's Buddy, Jerry Morin, has gone to the greatest paddling river in the sky. I can't get a comeback on email, and both his cell and home phones are disconnected. I first paddled with Jerry on Lake Mijinemungshing in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario. And, last...
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    "I've gotta be - shoveling off."

    One of the characters on a radio show, when I was a kid, was a friendly mortician. His ominous line as he departed, was always, "I've gotta be - shoveling off". Well, I bought a new shovel. For years, the military entrenching tool - a small, folding shovel - had been a standsrd piece of gear...
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    Well, next year is almosr here. Lots of opportunities to try new foods, new activities, new friends, in new places. Also lots of opportunities to enjoy familiar activities and foods with old friends in familiar locations. Probably, a good mix of new plus familiar is a best bet. Familiar...
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    Several holidays are gathered together this time of year. Some of us celebrate holidays. Some do holidaze - going overboard in some way or another. We all make choices. I wish a happy season, and a prosperous year to you.
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    REINDEER? Mayyyyybe

    Hoof prints near my kitchen window. More hoof prints near my car. Santa season rapidly approaching. Hmm. Putting this all together, I get a couple of scenarios. First, Michigan white tail deer - deer that are present here year round - are simply roaming the area in search of food. Not an...
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    This morning, while taking a letter to the mailbox, i hear a few sandhill cranes overhead. A unique bird, the sandhills. When I was growing up around here, about 10 miles east of Lansing MI, there were no deer, coyotes, turkeys, eagles, or sandhill cranes. There were quail - the ones whose...
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    I like to cook up soups, especially in the winter. We have the standard 4qt, Revere Ware dutch oven. Not wuite big enough. Looking around, I think that I struck gold. Although, it still looks a lot like stainless steel. WalMart has stainless steel stock pots at very good prices. I bought...