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    plywood choices

    I am finishing up my second boat. This one I built a little smaller with different needs. I have a question as I am starting to think about my 3rd boat. I had to build this boat out of 1/4" Birch. It was the best wood I could find that was thin. It ended up being 3/16" and weighed 23lbs a sheet...
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    maiden voyage

    I finally got the uncle johns john boat on the water yesterday. I wanted to thank everyone for their help with the project. It doesn't seem like it took 4 months to get this far. I still have some detail work to do on the inside and some final paint on the outside but I had no leaks at all (with...
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    another fiberglass question

    Acually several questions. I tried to find most of them but want to confirm also. I have started the epoxy/fiberglassing the bottom of my boat. I have done one side seam with 3" tape. I epoxied the the seam yesterday about 11am, put my tape on it and wetted it in at 7pm. I epoxied my puzzel...
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    boat not square

    I am building an uncle johns jon boat. I have the transom, bow and sides put together. not a bottom yet and no seat braces. I cut the sides at the same time and both are the same length. I measured from the inside bow end in a straight line to the transom and get within a 1/4" measurement. If I...
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    Newbie: weight distribution

    I have ordered the Uncle John’s JonBoat plans. I am wanting to build a Jon Boat Bass rig. I just don’t know how important the weight distribution is. I have a 66hp Suzuki outboard that I will be using to power the boat. I have been looking at boat manufactures and their sizes vs...