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    our meat lovers pizza

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    I've been thinking

    I've been thinking about better ways to do the rubrails on a ply boat (skiff or pirogue) What was to secure both the inner and the outer rails 1/4" above the side panel. It would give you a 1/4" well of sorts for some thickened epoxy which would cover the exposed sides of the...
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    Northern Ontario

    hello All.... My brother is a chef at a fishing resort in Northern Ontario. The season came to an end and I went to pick him up and do a bit of fishing. Weather was cold and windy but didn't stop us at all. Started our mornings while still dark casting for the elusive musky. Brought 1 to...
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    panel accuracy

    I'm thinking about allowing my kids to do the cutting on our Laker builds. I have put a zero clearance plate on my jig saw. Just how much give is there in thwe accuracy of the panels? If they go off the line to the outside, not a problem but if they go inside the line we may have problems.
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    weekend Dutch oven cooking

    Moose stew the magic thickener the makings of desert...Mmmmmm brown sugar and butter mixin up the cake very yummy upside down pineapple cake
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    wood cutting tool of choice

    OK, almost at the point of cutting panels. My last boat, a UJ Pirogue, was all straight lines so a table saw was the ticket. These boats have gentle curves, what is your tool of choice and why do you choose said tool? Thanks
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    worlds easiest pork roast

    for those that like easy and have a slow cooker 1 prok roast 1 can cambells chicken broth with herb and garlic 1 slow cooker done this makes an amzingly tasty roast, you can toss in veggies and potatoes and have an entire meal
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    2 boats with Belly

    well hello all. Thought I'd start my build thread since I cut the forms for my 2 Lakers last night and mark the start date. Most have already read I am building 2 Lakers one for each Daughter Wanted to order the full plans from Matt but budget restraints have forced me to go with the...
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    anyone ever heard of Mersawa plywood???? I'm gonna guess some type of meranti maybe. My last build was all scrounged/gathered/aquired ply so I have no idea where to get my ply for the next build. Building 2 boats requires me to do it on the cheap. Meranti at the box store is $20 a sheet
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    kayak, which one?

    well, being back in the workshop recently has got me thinkin and now I want to build a yak. So far I'm leaning towards the Freedom 13. I like the laker 13 as well but the larger cockpit of the Freedom will make for a better fishin machine. Just lookin for thoughts. This yak will be purpose...
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    rudder for pirogue

    anyone ever build a wooden rudder for a pirogue. I'm wanting to build one that can be operated by foot pedals that I will also build myself. This goes in part with another project I'm working on, a flip down electric motor. Once I get my ideas on paper I'll post something. I'm also trying to...
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    Big Chute Ontario Canada

    went out of Big Chute today for some relaxin my pirogue all rigged for fishin big baits produce big fish...... this poor little perch was hungry caught many small bass, this one being the biggest of the day thot this pike was alot bigger the way he fought a great day, beautiful weather...
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    similar to twig stove

    was just reading about the twig stove and thought you folks may be interested in "The Kelly Kettle" It's poricey but works a charm,104,53221&ap=2
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    tandem recommendations

    Hey all: after buiding the Piro, I seem to have gotten my whole family interested. Now I'm lookin for 2 tandems. I could build'em or buy'em, either way we're on the water. recommendations??? Thanks
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    Belly in the water

    well folks...Saturday was the day. My 8 yr old Daughter and I went to the river and got the pirogue wet for the first time. It was a great afternoon. The boat was high and dry and once gotten used to, quite stable. We did a bit of paddlin and a bit of fishin too. It was priceless when...
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    lessons learned from pirogue build

    1. epoxy is very expensive 2. plan and then plan again (see #1) 3. use the finest wood powder for fillets to avoid rough joints. 4. don't forget to put tape on inside seams prior to decking in storage chambers. 5. time is golden....use it wisely 6. scrimping now will always cost you later...
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    great customer service

    well....was hopin to have pics of somethin lookin like a boat by now but my UJ kit got lost in the mail abiss. David from UJ has graciously sent me a replacement kit which hopefully will arrive this week. That alone speaks volumes for the high level of customer service. He kept in touch...
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    heya Folks> just planed up some really nice quarter sawn oak for my outer rails (8 1/2' boards). Would like to know opinions on where to place scarf joint. Should I just join in the middle or would it be better to leave the middle joint free and join on both ends to make up the 151/2 feet...
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    skeg or no skeg

    K....need to know from experience, better with or without. Opinions invited as always
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    Bellybuster's build update

    Figured I'd start a thread dedicated to my build I have my sides all done now, the cooler temps here made for a hard time for someone who likes results "now". Took a long time to cure, was only able to put one coat of epoxy on a day. This weekend I shall join up my bottom ply and...