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    Made the 6 o'clock news

    At least it wasn't crime stoppers
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    putt putt

    haven't stopped building, just haven't posted in a while This is a 12 foot (half scale) model of what we call a putt putt, also known as a Atchafalaya Basin bateau. This was the style of boat that used the "new" inboard gas engine in the early 1900's. For the locals it was a huge step up...
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    Bayou Chene

    In the early 1900's, Bayou Chene (oak bayou) was a small community of about 500 in the Atchafalaya Basin, accessible only by water. The building of the levees and other actions by the Corps of Engineers after the Miss. River flood of 1927 left the area with more frequent flooding. No one...
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    Another way to scarf

    Ran across this from the "other" boat forum, thought some might be interested in the jigs and in panel orientation discussion ... and-glueup
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    curved stem

    Been some interest in how to make curved stems for your pirogue so I thought I'd give a rough outline. Lots of pictures so I'll do it in several posts There's no right or wrong way to make a curved stem as long as you end up with the desired result Here's the way friend Keith and I do it...
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    Recent Pirogues

    Piper's post about the Boy Scouts reminded me that I haven't posted some of this year's boats so here's a few shots a dugout swamp style plank pirogue marsh style plank pirogue seems like a lot of folks were building strippers so here's a marsh style stripper we built just for kicks
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    for piper ... news091610
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    handmade or deja vu all over again

    Captaindoug posted a link to the 1948 film "The Pirogue Maker" and it just happened that friend Keith and I are currently involved in a remake documentary of that film. We'll be using similar tools and techniques shown in the film and we thought some of you might be interested in the project...
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    very short trip

    went on vacation last week and found the ideal geezer trip paddle out for a couple hundred yards, ride back
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    Lake Ponchartrain skiff

    thought we had published some early build pics of this one but couldn't find the thread anyway here's the finished pics
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    rowing skiff oars

    Typically we'd make oars for the rowing skiff by starting with a couple of 4" X 6" X 9' boards, but after seeing Joey's oars, we decided to scale them down a bit and see how a smaller oar works - if it doesn't work we'll just have to make another pair We start with a 3" X 6" X 9' board. a...
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    Manufacturer Identification Code

    I know this has been brought up before, and some folks don't believe this exists :D :D but it looks like the Coast Guard has some spare time on there hands here's a C&P from another boat forum member who thought he was flying under the radar "Hey ya'll, Got a call in past few weeks ago...
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    something different

    Every now and then, most folks look forward to something different......... Friend Keith and I just started on another boat that's a bit different, it's not a pirogue,canoe or 'yak but it is propelled by oars and I thought some folks might be interested in following the build. We don't get...
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    another day at the farm

    Friend Keith I about to push this one out the door........
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    100 year old stripper pirogue

    thought ya'll might want to see this one........... A gentleman from MS brought this old pirogue by for friend Keith and I to patch. A tree had fallen on it and and crushed one end. It's over 100 years old and made with 3/4" thick strips edge nailed to each other with square (handmade)...
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    swamp pirogue

    Friend Keith and I just finished this one It's a 14 footer with a 24 " bottom made from two boards and a few scraps. One board was ripped in half for the sides and the other board made the bottom.
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    Lafitte skiff

    Here's one friend Keith and I have been working on longer than we care to admit It started out as a classic Lafitte skiff design from the late 40's, in sinker cypress (what else?) They were essentially "one man shrimp boats that could outrun the weather". The guy that wants this...
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    Logging - the sequel

    Friend Keith called up the other night and said, "Let's go logging" Guess he figured that, after last week's trip, things could only get better. So we loaded up and set out again.......... Here's another shot of the barge The usual lineup of critters showed even saw some red...
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    for all you that think scarfing takes too long. I timed friend Keith today as he made a 4" scarf on each of two pieces of 1/2" plywood, 48" across. Took him 20 minutes to get this far with a power planer, just a couple more minutes with a belt sander finished it off.
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    friend Keith and I just about ready to send this one out the door