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    Air Power

    I am not big into shooting much these days, but I have a RWS .17 cal. air rifle. Got it a few years ago so my grandson and I could shoot more without going to a range, etc. It is so impressive compared to the air rifles I had back in the old days. Recently shot a few rounds into some old...
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    Deleted Post

    Recently a post I made was deleted. Today I saw an "alert" from "?" saying it was deleted because I had posted an email address. I have never posted anybodies email address. I have no clue what any of this means. How do you respond to an alert?
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    Bateau De Bois Festival

    March 21, 2020 in Lockport, Louisiana there will be a boat show and festival. It will be at the Center For Louisiana Boat Building.
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    Epoxy/Fiberglass Strength

    Found this information recently. Still doesn't answer "how strong is strong enough", but could be helpful.
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    A Plank Pirogue

    The "Plank " part may not be technically correct. More like "solid wood panel". I did not have any suitable planks so I am making/using shorter boards jointed and glued into panels. For sometime I have been buying any "clear/solid" cedar fence boards I ran across. There is some waste and...
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    An Oar Paddle

    I saw several old paddles at the Teche Boat Show that looked like the cut off end of an oar. I didn't have any oars to cut off so I made this paddle to look like them.
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    Something Different

    I had an idea for a different segmented design. It took several tries but I finally completed it.
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    Anybody know about these folks? The forum looks interesting, but do you have to pay to log in / register?
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    Pirogue Built From Pattern

    I made a pattern of my truck boat. To check the accuracy of the pattern, I cut out some cheap plywood and glued the sides and floor together. Even though things were not perfect I decided to complete the boat. If I had...
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    Eye Bolt Deflector

    I usually have a eye bolt attached to the bow of my pirogue. I have had my fishing line snag between the eye of the bolt and the batter board. This has occurred when the wind blows the bow around or a fish pulls the line under it. I made this defector to cover the gap and hopefully allow the...
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    Making A Pattern

    Thinking of building a boat using strips, but not on forms. I don't build with plans so I would need a pattern to shape the sides and floor. Long way around but I ended up making patterns of patterns taken from a hull, built from the patterns. o_O I think that is what I did. Used roofing felt...
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    Poor Man's Fiberglass

    Anybody ever use this?
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    A Canoe/Pirogue Double Paddle

    Looking for a better paddle for my pirogue. I have discussed Greenland paddles and kayak paddles with narrower blades in other post. Because I usually do things different (some would say wrong) normal does not always fit. Using a double kayak paddle in a pirogue is different enough, but my...
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    What Makes A Boat A ..........?

    Seems to be three classes of boats discussed/paddled/built by members on this forum. What makes a boat a canoe, a kayak, or a pirogue? They are so related there are many overlapping features. I think it will be interesting to share our perceptions. My simple definitions and characteristics...
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    Resized Kayak Paddle Blade

    After disappointed performance of my Greenland paddle, I am trying another idea. All my plastic paddles seem to be 7" to 7.5" wide by 16"+ long. For my usage I'm thinking less surface area should work better. Instead of investing the time and work to build one, I bought a cheap paddle and...
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    My Greenland Paddle

    Found a clear 8' WRC 2"X4" that was mostly sap, but clear of knots. Did my best to cut and sand away anything that didn't look like a paddle. Coated the tips with epoxy/grapht for protection and finished the shaft with boild linseed oil.
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    My Chaland

    See new pictures posted below.
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    Gator Boats

    Has anyone order plans recently? When I log on to "" site I can never get to the "plans" page. beekeeper
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    Higgens Wooden Boat

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    Punt / River Boat

    Needs another coat of paint on gunnels, but love bugs have been horrible. Upsized Joey's tiny boat concept to maybe work for me. Thanks for the inspiration.