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    Home-brew sourkraut and Dill pickles

    FWIW, WWI went a long way towards erasing German heritage in the US. In 1910, Cincinnati had 3 daily papers published in German, German language theaters, and hundreds of streets named after settlers. By 1919, the papers and theaters were bankrupt, and many of the streets renamed. (Not all...
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    Study on Alligator Encounters

    Yes, until some idiot spoils it for everyone else.
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    Summer camping ..... Salads , liquids and anything cold.

    Since getting on this health kick I've switched from butter and syrup on pancakes and waffles to yogurt. Maple syrup is 200 calories 1/4 cup (all sugar), and butter 100 calories a Tbsp (pretty much all fat). And I've never been stingy with either the syrup or the butter, so I was probably...
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    What is the most important

    Cute model, I'd buy the paddle just from those pictures.
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    Study on Alligator Encounters

    Yes, contrast that with the guy attacked by a bear in Kentucky's Red River Gorge:
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    Study on Alligator Encounters

    I wouldn't believe anything I read on the internet without reservation, including at However, from about 1990 - 1995, I used to read a Usenet news group called "alt.folklore.urban". Mikkelson's username at that time was "snopes", and he helped edit the group's FAQ (and trolled...
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    Permethryn And Bugs

    Well, they tried to decorate him, but he just wouldn't wear the FSU T-Shirt. I'm starting the rumor that the bear smelled grits, but when the hikers threw the fanny packs, he found they didn't have the baby weiners. Naturally, he got enraged. Good thing he didn't try the NA beer.
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    Round Profile

    We're not going to let the fact that the question is answered slow down the jawbonin' are we?
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    Permethryn And Bugs

    Glad to hear it's effective on large vermin as well. Kayak Jack - you're right about the two legged kind, but there was this recently. I don't see "Bear at 25 feet" and think "Cell Phone Pictures" unless I'm at the Zoo.
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    Study on Alligator Encounters

    The joke around here is, "What's the most common last words in Kentucky?" "Hey, watch this." The Onion is America's Most Reliable News Source, so the study must be true.
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    trying to build a lake canoe

    Good for him. On state lakes here, folks conspicuously write the watercraft number down, or carry cheap disposable film cameras and take photos (or just act like it). The watercraft enforcement crews take it seriously enough to give warnings and even tickets.
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    Fresh Venison

    Allegedly true, but let's not let facts get in the way of a good story, ok? I had this idea that I was going to rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up on corn for a couple of weeks, then kill it and eat it. The first step in this adventure was getting a deer. I figured that since they...
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    Turtle Burgers ......

    Woo dog. I haven't had salt pork in 30+ years. I haven't even seen it up here. Now that you've reminded me, I'll have to find some. Menu: Salt Pork, boiled and fried Southern Cornbread (made with less sugar and a little bit of bacon grease) Great Northern Beans (soaked overnight, slow boiled...
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    Permethryn And Bugs

    As kids, when we'd visit the grandparents in Arkansas, they'd dust our shoes and socks with powdered sulfur to keep the chiggers away. Worked real good, except that we always wound up rolling around in the grass. Next day our feet and legs would be bite free, but the parts of our backs we...
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    I don't have to worry about that or divorce. She's afraid she'd get stuck with the teenagers. Four years from now ... then I'll have to worry. Just look for the one who gets lots of gifts from his male patients at Christmastime? PS - I can now say I'm suffering from de Quervain's...
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    Repeat performance? I consider it a success when I find NEW ways to screw up. I'm sure I'll provide inadvertent amusement when we meet in real life. Saw the bone doctor today. It's just tendinitis. Apparently there a two muscles that cross in the forearm. Certain repetitive motions cause...
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    Turtle Burgers ......

    Or Susan Mudgett's infamous cat poop cookies: "There are two flavors: chocolate (dark brown), and gingerbread (light brown). I seldom measure carefully so amounts may need adjustment, especially on flavoring. The cookies are dense and not very sweet. This is necessary so that they will keep...
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    Last Saturday, my sons and I were canoeing. I learned many things, sharing a plastayak with my 14 year old. 1) 14 year-olds do not immediately know left from right when approaching an eddy 2) "No, your other right" is probably not a good way of coaching them 3) Going through the eddy...
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    Boating Related Death --CHILLING!!!

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    90 Seconds Rice

    Sounds mighty good. We parents joked the Boy Scout (BS?) recipe for a hamburger was "Cook til overdone. Slice off the charred crust, smother in ketchup, and hide it in a bun as quickly as possible." Ate a few of those, proudly served by a scout who'd just cooked his first meal. :-)