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$.50 2X6 Paddle


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Mar 4, 2009
That's kind'a hard to say, I've considered trying 3' paddles but decided they would be too long. I'm sure that cutting off the top grip would not work. I use the knob to "hook" on my arm just below the elbow. This morning I was starting to repair a pair of 2.5' paddles and was trying to figure out how to turn the knob into more of a hook. Jack once made reference to a similar paddle for sculling.
I'm toying with the idea and build a pair with at least a wider knob. Just resistiing making a paddle :)

If you do not want to want another "addiction" (paddle making) you could modify a cheap store bought one. Cut the grip off and then attach a new "grip"/end shaped to extend over your arm more. This video shows a couple of paddles made with grips attached to one side . Check out the video at 1:25 min. there is a design that might work for your style.