A couple pics from 2 weekends ago


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Mar 9, 2005
way down yonder
Kurt Loup said:
Yes, he was the guest of honor in fish tacos.
Friend Kurt,



Bolivar: General Robert E. Lee freed the slaves. I can whack it if I want to.
Gus McCrae: It was Abe Lincoln that freed the slaves, Bol, not General Lee.
Pea Eye Parker: He didn't free Mexicans, anyway, Bol. It was Americans he freed.
Gus McCrae: You're in over your head, Pea. It was a bunch of Africans Abe Lincoln freed. No more American than Call here.
Woodrow Call: I'm American! By God!
Gus McCrae: You was born in Scotland, as I recall. You was still draggin' on the tit when they brought you over here.
Woodrow Call: I reckon I'm as American as anyone from Tennessee.

Kurt Loup

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Sep 10, 2003
Baton Rouge, LA

Coat fish fillets sliced about 1/2" wide with corriander powder, cumin powder, paprika and salt. In a cast iron skillet with a bit of oil and butter in it, blacken fish until a crust forms on each side. If you don't have a good vent, it's a good idea to do this outside because it generates a lot of smoke. I make a sauce that is a mix of San Marco brand chipotle sauce in the can, mayo and lime juice. I use corn tortillas for the tacos. I add shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, cilantro and avacados to the tacos. I also like Buffalo brand hot sauce on the tacos. Pretty easy to do.