A pleasant afternoon

tx river rat

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Feb 23, 2007
Waco Tx
Glen and I decided to take a couple of the wood boats for a stroll today,
Dang wind was blowing but we still caught some fish and had a blast.
We caught gaspers up to 7 1/2 lbs (dang those fish fight hard) couple keeper channels ,and a ton of fish gar 40 or more of them, the biggest weighed in just under 20 lbs and thought he was a tarpon , cleared the water several time.
But the surprise of the day was a baby striper about 6 inches long, normally the only time we get them in my section of the Brazos is after a flood .
Another thing that was sort of neat today was dragon fly were breeding and there were thousands of them ,every color you could think of.
I left my camera at the house but Glenn took some with his phone ,if they turn out I will post them tomorrow.