After studying several maps ........


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Sometimes folks ( myself ) have to much time to think about things but they do to offer relaxation to them. Today we have a cold front moving threw and it is raining harder then a cow pissing on a flat rock , might make that two cows on the same rock. :lol: So the leak in the back porch is cutting the fool and dripping on the floor which will do nothing but help clean it later on.

After studying several maps about places to go fishing later on this one area ( the only one dripping on the floor ) made an impression on me.... Looking at it and letting my imagination go full tilt after all the maps I have been staring at trying to figure out good fishing and camping areas...

Spent all day yesterday in a forest checking out areas for fishing and camping , doing a lot of 4 wheeling and getting the Jeep dirty in the process , some of those puddles in the back country Jeep trails were quite deep and very muddy but none came over the hood , some of the mud did . :wink: Just looking for areas that not a lot of folks can get into for some camping and fishing. No sense on having a 4 wheel drive Goat if you do not use it.

Leave it to Mother Nature .......What a good area to fish and camp , lots of ponds , back waters and open water with channels with a multitude of islands to camp on.

Dam shame it is just an drip area from the roof leak on the floor of the back porch........

OK... I know I need help but what the He## I am having fun , exploring. :wink:

That area has to be full of fish and there has to be a Jeep Trail into some part of it ......... :roll: