Back Home in Kansas


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May 13, 2014
Central Kansas and Central Texas
Thought I might as well share this.

Our winter visit to Texas is finally over, after all it's only August! We've been making an annual winter visit to Texas for about 10 years. We have two daughters in Georgetown,Texas, and 6 years ago we bought a very small house on five acres near both of our Tx daughters. The house had not been lived in for several years and was an abandoned remodel project. Now after a lot of work it's a "'cute little house that is perfect for our winter visits".

We soon discovered that medical facilities in Austin would also be a tremendous blessing for us two older folks. We live VERY rural in Kansas and really like it that way, but access to medical facilities often requires an over night stay in a distant city. So now you at least know why my profile has two locations.

About 4 years ago our Kansas Doctor recommended we go to Austin for Joyce to treat cancer. That worked good as we had good family support, great medical treatment and scared that cancer into remission. Last winter it was my turn! I became anemic and fatigued more easily. So we stayed in Texas and I had a bunch of test and scans. Of course I had to be different, a very rare bone marrow cancer (myelo fibrosis), only 6,000 cases a year. No cure ---BUT--- some folks survive for several years, some don't.

I intend to continue to live life to the fullest possible and be a model for our kids, grandkids, friends and neighbors. After all they are our legacy! I cut some firewood this morning and organized the shop this afternoon. Plan to start a new boat Monday, Standby for another build!

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