Big Chute Ontario Canada

went out of Big Chute today for some relaxin

my pirogue all rigged for fishin

big baits produce big fish...... this poor little perch was hungry

caught many small bass, this one being the biggest of the day

thot this pike was alot bigger the way he fought

a great day, beautiful weather, fun fishing. Doesn't get any better. My boat is in need of some more epoxy on the inside, will have to keep it dry but hard to do when I'm always in the water with'er.
I set p my fish finder to shoot thru the hull, no probs, seemed to be accurate


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Mar 3, 2009
Nice rig and outfitting job you've done there. Where's the trolling battery at?
The battery sits in the crate behind my seat. It's a massive brute that allows me to fish an entire weekend without charging.
I tried the idea here for transducer mounting with pool noodle gooped to the hull and it works a charm. I found with the transducer on an arm sticking over the side it affected tracking allot. The trolling motor out the side is bad enuff, you don't wanna be makin any fast sharp turns.
I really appreciate all the great comments, even tho this boat was "whipped" together I'm still tickled when it spurs so much attention. I really only built for function, beauty is not one of 'er traits. The paint job is crappy, you can see all the glass tape etc etc etc