flyfshing on Bayou Corne


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Feb 7, 2007
jesup, ga.
its been years since I have fly fished but that's what I used to use was a piece of monofilament 5 or 6 ft. like KJ says a good cane pole with a fly works good also a bream buster or crappie pole will work also. mike theres is a lot of truth in the things you pointed out. I,m with sparky though if it aint broke don,t fix it. :roll: :mrgreen:


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Sep 9, 2007
South Louisiana
Oh, yeah, I've fished for 50 years with a 6 ft piece of 6-8# test leader, too. Worked great. I was curious, and 2 hours of google-ing later, I found what I wanted. It took me all of 10 minutes and pennies of line to twist my first one. Pretty neat. I made the next two out of 6 lb test .....about 4' long with a third of that a four strand twist. Each end has the loop made into it for a loop to loop connection.

I tested it out on the lawn and found it casted better.....more accurate and easier to get a tight loop for about 10 feet more of comfortable casting distance. It just allows the leader to turn the fly over kind of like a less severe version of a bull whip. A big plus is that it hangs limp like a rope.... no coils and kinks like a normal mono leader. I'll have to run it through few fishing trips to see how it holds up. Tough job, eh?


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Heck you could always cheat............

Using a spinning outfit to fly fish........... :wink:

Take a light weight spinning outfit. Using a floating pug tie a short piece of mono to where the tail hook fastens to the plug. About 3 feet behind the plug tie a fly to the mono and you are set. The best plug is a floating popper type since it causes a commotion when moved. ( It's the same way a popping cork with a shrimp trailing below it is used in salt water for Spotted Weakfish ( locally called Trout )
When you cast the plug out the fly will follow and fall behind the plug , now work the plug and you stand a shot at getting a Bass on the plug and a Bream on the fly at the same time. If not then the commotion from the plug will create an interest in the fly for the bream.

You can do the same thing with a plastic bobber ( a round one ) in place of the floating plug. Same idea as fly fishing , the line carry's the fly when fly fishing , the ways listed above use the plug or the bobber in place of a heavy fly line.

They are a neat trick to do when you are out fishing with a spinning outfit and the fly rod is at home , especially on real windy days , and the fish only want fly's.