Hairies Puddleduck


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Dec 8, 2005
Queensland, Australia
Hi guys,

This is a Puddle Duck by Gil Gilpatrick that I started building about 7 years ago.

I am allmost confident enough now to get her down, dust her off and repair all my mistakes and finish her. Gonna be a huge sanding job but I think she might turn out Ok after all.

She has been sleeping on the rack in my stink boat shed all this time. I think it is time she came out. :D



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Sep 5, 2006
Hey Mick,

Is that the one where the glassing went horribly wrong and you put it away in frustration?

I have had a good break from the glassing after my first horrible experience of the outside and left it for the weather to warm up. You were right and it was the temp which made the resin too viscous. Warm resin + a good firm squeegee was the trick. I am almost competent now I have completed the inside :)

It certainly brings out the grain but is is a slow job. My orbital sander is my new best friend!

It looks like it would be a nice little boat when you are done.