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Feb 7, 2007
jesup, ga.
Any you l camping with chuck? Heard he was and having a hurricane party. He usually when camping, Chuck hope all. Al stay safe in Florida and south western Ga,


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Michael went from a tropical depression to a cat 4 hurricane almost over night. Well anyway from it's beginning in the Yucatan to the north and the Florida Panhandle.
The panhandle is going to get beaten with 145 mph winds and they do not need that. Then to be neighborly he will continue up and to the right visiting Georgia and the Carolina's.

Yep , anyone camping on the Florida Trail ( panhandle section ) or the rest of the national trail's in Georgia and the Carolina's will get wet.

Here outside ( east ) of Orlando it's windy , wet and will be that way for another day or thereabouts. Probably my fault , I got the backpack out and repacked it with the new stuff , a new air mattress for the hammock and some other camping stuff for when it cools down around here and I can enjoy the outdoors. Darn good thing I had the foresight of included new rain gear with the rest of the stuff. There is always a chance I might get to try it when I go hiking/camping later on. ;)