insect Repellent solution.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Been doing some surfing on the web for a bug repellent solution for 100% protecting. We have had a warm Winter ( Dec 23 , 2015 ...87 Degrees for a high ) and the bugs are out in force , Skeeters and Ticks so a person needs to have good protection if you are in the woods. Just looking for something that will kill or keep the bugs away so some ( Enjoyable , Bug Free ) camping can be done.

To regress for a moment..........A lot of folks say to use Deet in a high percentage but I have found something that is reported to be even better.

It is Sawyer Premium with Picaridin and it does not destroy anything like Deet will do to plastics and some clothing. The 20% Picaridin is best and there is some with 7% but it does not last as long.

You use it as a spray and it lasts 12 to 8 hours and works as a repellent. When applied it is reported to have a slight citrus aroma which fades as it evaporates.

Click on this and then scroll down to the chart and along the way there is a lot of good information about the product. ... +picaridin

I have some on order and plan on using it along with some Permethrin ( From Sawyer) on my clothing. With it on the clothing the Permethrin will kill any bug that gets on the clothing while the Picaridin will protect my skin.

You are not suppose to use Permethrin on skin , just on clothing , tents , backpacks ......... ... B00MA950E0

I can tell you that the Permethrin does work just like it says it does , it is some good stuff that will kill Skeeters and Ticks when they get on your clothing. I have been using it for several years and have not had a single tick problem , before then , It was guaranteed that I would always find several on me or my clothing.