Little Pee Dee, S.C.

Black Water Bob

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Jul 31, 2019
Fifty miles of the Little Pee Dee River in Dillon County was designated a S.C. scenic river. At the 25 mile mark I have recently purchased 107 acres with a mile of frontage on the river. We are currently clearing old logging roads and will soon be building tree houses to be rented to paddlers. Unlike the Edisto tree houses we can access our river frontage from the land and water. This means you can settle in to your accommodations before your trip begins and you don't have to pack everything in on your boat. We will have a drop off and pick up service with canoes and kayaks for rent. We hope to be renting by the spring of 2021. We will have a primitive camp ground and also offer day trips. I will be launching a website in January of 2021 and also giving updates between now and then on paddle forums. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.



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Jun 29, 2009
That looks and sounds great. Keep us updated and post more pictures. Some of us don't read so well, but we like pictures!