New Air rifle


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After lots of waiting, thinking, coffee, reading and study i finally let myself buy a new air rifle. Yup, already had "plenty" but this time around I wanted a NITRO RAM version. No main spring, just a nitro-ram kind of like what you see in the rear deck of a hatchback car. They seem to run quieter, there is no re-recoil after the pellet is shot and they MAY last longer. One advantage is that they can be cocked and loaded and left that way for hours while awaiting a shot whereas a spring gun can be damaged by leaving it cocked more than a few minutes.

I bought the Crossman Nitro Venom .22 with the wood stock. It came with a pretty decent Center Point 3-9 x 40 scope, weaver rail , etc. It looks good, feels good and shoots good, all for a grand total of $149.00

Anybody else here shooting Nitro?



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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Been looking at them since they came out , The Remington ( Almost $300.00 ) was the one that peaked my interest but the cost of them just keeps going up. :evil:
Keeps us informed on how yours is working and the price of it is really nice plus it is a 22 cal.


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Jan 18, 2008
Middle Tn.
I've bought a Remington NPSS 22cal. I haven't posted a report yet because frankly the verdict is still pending. The trigger isn't great right out of the box so I replaced it ( under 25$). The scope seems to be good. It seems to hit hard. I've finally found a pellet it likes and the accuracy seems good, But I haven't really shot a lot with the new pellets. It got to be busy season and it got put aside. Squirrel season is about to start around here so it will get a lot more use but I'm really excited about rabbit season. It has taken several pests around the feed store I work at including a feral critter at probably 40+ yards one shot, one kill. There have been a lot of complaints about getting a grinding noise and a lot of metal dust and shavings when you cock it. I find this is true if you don't cock it correctly. I turn the gun over and pull the barrel STRAIGHT towards me there by not putting any lateral pressure on it and it does fine for me. There are a lot of 'fixes' that guys have come up with for this gun. For instance the nylon ( not sure they are nylon, but that's my generic term for any material of that type) washers that go on either side of the barrel hinge pin reportedly don't last long so guys are making replacements out of other material. Over all I'm not sorry I bought this gun, but at the price it's a darn shame that you have to start working on it right out of the box. I didn't mind so much with my 50$ 1377, but I've found from reading in the airgun forums that it's kind of the norm. I guess i should add that I've probably put in the neighborhood of 400 rounds through this gun.
When I get more info I'll report it. This hunting season should tell whether it's a keeper or for sale!!



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Apr 5, 2007
on the bank of Trinity Bay
I've had a Nitro Venom with some pellets in the shoppong cart for a couple of days trying to talk myself into buying it. Guess I'll push the button on it tonight. Piper sold me on it. So now it's all his fault.
Thanks Piper. Or should that be Pied Piper? :D


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I still like my Nitro Venom .22. I've got a thousand rounds through it, between me, my son and my son-in-law to be and jDupre'. No grinding noises. No metal shavings. No weirdness of any sort. The trigger is a long pull. I can live with it. Still happy with mine and i got a letter from my son today and he's still pumping lead through his. piper