Red Fez Club, Lamar, SC

Feb 9, 2007
South Carolina
Thought you folks might enjoy a few photos of one of my favorite paddlin' locations. It's a large mill pond/lake at the Red Fez Cabin in Lamar, SC. Great fishing spot as well.

The lake is a large open expense of water bordered on 3 sides by cyprus swamp. Never too many people there and it's always peaceful. There's a two or three dollar donation box stuck on an old building if you choose to fish.

Happy Paddlin' :mrgreen:


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
That is some mighty fine looking water , it would be fun to work those lily pads with a fly rod , the Cypress look like they have a lot of good fish hanging close to them. A really early morning paddle around there I would bet there is a choir of Bull Frogs just croaking away.

The water in the Okefenokee that looks a lot like it , has all sorts of good sounds vibrating across it in the early morning and late evenings. One trip , there even was a Ole Gator bellowing in the evenings up near Cravens Hammock. :D