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    New toy and first blood.

    Im gonna have to buy one now because I shot it really liked it. Ronnie costs me lots of money.
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    Shed Antler Hunting

    Wife and I took off to the lease for a day of messing around and shed hunting. We looked for quite a while without any luck. We moved to my bow stand and took off separate directions. I wasn't really watching where I was going and walked into this before I noticed it. (notice the eyes) My...
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    Making My First Blade

    Got the scales shaped and a coat of epoxy. When it dries I'll give it a light sanding and then varnish.
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    Making My First Blade

    My Daughter has laid claim to this knife. She wanted something different on the handles sooo. Told you these scales were going to be a little different. The cool weather is slowing the epoxy down so I am kinda stuck until they cure out some, probably be able to work them tomorrow.
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    Another new blade

    While waiting on the scales to my Daughters knife to set I started working on another. Roughed it out with a grinder and a cut off wheel. After getting most of the shaping done. A while back I saw a burl on a mesquite tree at the lease and cut it off. It's been stored out in the shop...
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    Making My First Blade

    I took an old file and after annealing it started shaping it. After it was shaped and heat treated. Started doing a little polishing on it. Thinking about putting Redwood handles on it altough I have some pretty nice Ironwood. Hmm decisions, decesions. For my first try at this I am very...
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    Ronnie Cost me some more money

    Ronnie and I are bad for each others wallets. After looking at his knives I had to try my hand at it.These are blades I bought to get a feel for messing with knives. I enjoyed making the handles for them and I am planning on making some electricians knifes to give to my employees. First set of...
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    hot iron a anvil and a hammer

    Great looking knives, Ron.
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    I finally did it

    They look great Ron.
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    Small Gator Gar

    It's good to have a reputation like that. No mater what we will have fun. No matter whether it's a tornado one night and 50 MPH winds the next day, we will make the most of it. And laugh and cut up the whole time.
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    Small Gator Gar

    As I am to have a friend like Ron.
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    Small Gator Gar

    As some of you know Ron and I enjoy chasing what we call Trophy Alligator Gar (100+ pounds).Ron and I hit a different part of the Brazos via private access yesterday. We got on the river about 5:00 and proceeded downstream a couple of miles until we found a good looking spot. After unloading...
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    New project

    I cant wait to shoot some big GatorGar off of this rig.