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    17' Endeavor Started (Stapleless)

    Beautiful boat!
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    first camping trip of the season.

    The Mississippi River came very close to destroying the Old River Control Structure and getting it's way in the 1973 flood. If anyone happens to be interested in learning much more about the Corp of Engineers, the Mississippi River and levees, read "Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of...
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    14' x 30" x 18 lb. Pirogue

    Re: 14" x 30" x 18 lb. Pirogue If it was this one from Michael Storer, it is only 11 feet.
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    Fried Okra

    You can just buy seeds for spineless okra.
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    Double Blade Paddle Shaft

    Have a look at this;
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    Test on stability of asymetrical hull

    I don't own any of Cliff's books and have never read any of them, so I'm not in a position to comment on them. But if he is copying the ideas of knowledgeable people like the racers that like to paddle slightly nose down then he might be worth listening to. I never heard of a difference between...
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    Test on stability of asymetrical hull

    I bet that fool has made more money from his writing than you have.
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    Test on stability of asymetrical hull

    Cliff Jacobson recommends paddling slightly nose heavy when paddling into a head wind or when racing.
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    Test on stability of asymetrical hull

    Putting the weight in the center will not make it trim nose down, it would have to be ahead of the center to do that. Trimming nose up isn't going to make it faster. Actually as the hull approaches hull speed and starts climbing its bow wave some extra weight in front might even help. From what...
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    Test on stability of asymetrical hull

    When you tested the un-pictured second hull did try you placing the weights in the center of the boat where a symmetrical hull is widest and where the center of buoyancy of the hull would be?
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    Test on stability of asymetrical hull

    I keep getting credit for things that I haven't said. I didn't mention swede form or fish form. I just said asymmetrical meaning that the two ends don't match each other. If the ends don't match, they don't exhibit symmetry with each other. My first post in this thread was when I disagreed with...
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    Test on stability of asymetrical hull

    Both ends were asymmetrical with the other end, but yes sitting in the wide end was more stable than balancing on the skinny end because wider is more stable than skinny in boats. It has to do with that moving the buoyancy out thing.
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    Test on stability of asymetrical hull

    Joey, I agree with that and never said differently. That isn't what you said that I disagreed with although it might be what you meant to say. I'm not so convinced that moving the wide part toward or to the ends helps. Especially when you put the center of gravity away from the center of...
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    In my whitewater days, I would often use what I guess would be a sweeping high brace where the paddle is sculled back and forth with the blade almost flat to the water but raised on the edge moving forward at the time. That was with a single blade paddle. I'm not sure if I have ever used it with...
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    Test on stability of asymetrical hull

    Ron, I haven't forgotten about center of gravity. I never said that one design couldn't be more stable than another design. I said that leaning a boat of any design would not cause it to displace more water. I stand by my statements that both attaching helium balloons to the gunnels or adding...