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A Comfortable Pirogue (Boat) seat ..ya can make

Discussion in 'Pirogues' started by oldsparkey, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member


    Uncle John and I have been working on this and now it is ready. The seat was my idea and Uncle John did all of the computer work and drawing up the plans. The plans are well done and easy to follow for one comfortable boat seat.
    By the way you can make more then one seat from the plans. :D

    Here is the link to take a look.............


  2. DocMobius

    DocMobius Well-Known Member


    I noticed a cutout on the bottom of the seat near the front and I'm pretty sure it's to slip over the rib to decrease sliding and spread the weight out. If this is so then my question is, Was this intended for the 3 or 4 rib, or both?

    Either way I'm mailing a M.O. monday to get a hardcopy plan. Think I can get an autograph on the back of my seat? Never know you might be famous one day. :D

    The year is 2152 and the museum announcer says" And over here is an authentic seat designed by the famous Lawman, Chuck aka Old Sparkey the Pirogue maker, built in the begining of the millinieum 2003, kindly on loan from the DocMobius Paddling School for the Feeble Minded".

    DocMobius :wink:
  3. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member


    You are correct the cutout is designed to fit over the rib so the chair will remain stationary when paddling.

    In my pirogue the center rib is what I used so I would be sitting just back of the center line of the pirogue for solo paddling.

    Basically the builder can position the chair in any spot they want and if paddling in tandem then two chairs can be placed in the best position for the paddlers and if desired then a false rib on the bottom to hold the chair. Or just attach a thin piece of rubber to the bottom of the legs to keep it from sliding

    Everything is up to the builder .. A lot of options, decisions, decisions. :?

    Can I tell everyone that I am a gradguate from the DocMobius Paddling School for the Feeble Minded.

    You said ...Think I can get an autograph on the back of my seat? If you are talking about the chair ..... No Problem :lol: :lol:
  4. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    I have had some e-mail about all of the money I will get from the sale of the seat and I want to post the answer here for everyone. This is part of a responce to an article in anouther section of the forum so that is why it might look familiar to you.

    That is why I do it this way ....... I purchase it and use it then I can say what I think about it. Guess that comes from all of the years in Law Enforcement when I would not accept any gratuities from anyone. No obligations that way and ole habits are hard to break.

    But if I say I like something you can bet I do and if I don't then you can take that to the bank also.

    I will give you an example about just how strongly I feel about that. I have been working with Uncle John to have some plans for that seat I made for my pirogue and he did all of the computer work so there would be plans for anyone who wants to make one of the seats.

    Today the plans are for sale on his web site and he wanted to pay me a commission from the sale of the plans.

    I refused the offer .............

    The simple reason is it would not be a friendship between us anymore but a partnership and I would have a big problem recommending the building of his pirogues because it would look as though I wanted people to build his pirogue so they would purchase the plans for the seat which would put money in my pocket.

    I guess I am to darn independent or stupid but that is just me. Anyway I have a clear conscience recommend building the pirogues for a persons enjoyment and pleasure and telling them about the seat for the boat.

    Money is nice but a good reputation is even better....

  5. DocMobius

    DocMobius Well-Known Member


    I think you are right choosing your friendship over money. Integrity is a trait that is not only learned but also practiced as you have shown.

    Therefore I am proud to have you as a friend an honor you with a PHD from the DocMobius School of Paddling for the Feeble Minded. Hi-Ho Hi-Ho Brother Chuck.

    DocMobius :wink:

    P.S. Yes I ment sign my CHAIR. I am keeping all this info on the chair incase they want to make a book or movie or atleast a camp fire story.
  6. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member


    You said ...........I think you are right choosing your friendship over money. Integrity is a trait that is not only learned but also practiced as you have shown. Therefore I am proud to have you as a friend an honor you with a PHD from the DocMobius School of Paddling for the Feeble Minded. Hi-Ho Hi-Ho Brother Chuck.

    Except for the Honoree Degree I think the rest of it is what makes us and this forum so great........Integrity (I hope I spelled it correctly , hate to lose my PH.D this soon). :D

  7. Kahuna

    Kahuna Well-Known Member

    RE:Rubber for the Seat

    Old mouse pads are great for cutting up and useing for padding wood clamps etc. I'm sure they would work great on the feet of this wooden seat :idea: KAHUNA
  8. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Sometimes things just work out for the better. This is one of them. :!:

    I just made one of the seats that Uncle John & I redesigned for the pirogue.
    Actually Uncle John did all the redesigning and computer work , all I did was answer some questions he had. :lol:

    This one is a little different from my original design and a darn site more comfortable. Uncle John put a little more curve and comfort in the seat portion to fit that part of your anatomy. The back of the seat is at a lot better angle for a person paddling , or just relaxing while the other person paddles. :D

    The seat is really easy to make following his instructions and there are several additional benefits to using this type of seat.

    The one pirogue that I stretched out to 17 feet for use as a solo paddling boat can now be used as a double paddler. One seat just behind the front rib or where ever the person in the front wants it and the second seat just in front of the back rib, or anywhere in-between to balance the boat.

    One additional seat has doubled the use of the pirogue, it can be a solo boat or a tandem boat and since the seats are not permanently attached it is just a matter of how you want to use the boat. One seat or two? For a third person a third seat would be needed over the center rib.

    As I said one pirogue and a lot of options on how you want to use it. A solo paddler or with your girl friend then the 2nd seat, the wife and child then the 3rd seat and you want to go camping & fishing by yourself then just back to the single seat. :D

    Better watch out because your best friend (wife) will want her own boat and seat when she tries this one with you or she will want this one and then you will have to make one for youself. :lol:

    Welcome to the pleasures of building your own boats .... we do have more fun then anyone.

  9. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Nice job, Chuckie. One "atta boy" hereby issued.
  10. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Uncle Johns better half is Barbara and here is how she likes to use the seat... This just proves that the seat can be used for more then paddling & camping. :D

    A part of the letter Uncle John sent me about the pirogue seat......

    Barbara went to a party with a "Roman" theme. Everyone sat on the floor, expect her, everyone was miserable, except her. She said it wasn't as good as sitting in a regular height chair but made the event bearable and the seat received much attention and appreciation.

    Just remember this is not a regular chair that is way up off the floor but a low chair for paddling a pirogue about 4 inches (at the most ) from the floor.
    I designed it as a boat paddling and camping chair so it is a low, close to the floor chair, light weight with a back rest. Any other use is just up to the imagination of the user and it can be used for a lot of events....... As Barbara just proved.

    NO , you can not by one you have to make it. :D

    SORRY , but at southernpaddler we make our equipment , boats and the rest. For the plans of the chair you have to go here ....

    Chuck .... southernpaddler.com
  11. namuh

    namuh New Member

    Hey Sparkey. I found your forum a couple of months ago when I became interested in making a pirogue, but haven't posted until now. I like your seat design but was thinking if you had two of them made a bit differently in the back, maybe they could lay end to end and make a small bed to sleep on if you want to nap in the boat. I may try making something along those lines for my pirogue, which is in the process of being made now.

    btw, Home Depot sells a 5.2mm plywood for $16 a sheet called Sandiply that is very light weight, has 2 nice surfaces, has no voids, and is made with external glue (at least it didn't come apart in my boiling/steaming tests).

  12. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member


    As I told rehong in his post ........Almost done....seat locations ....any rules.
    Imagination and new ideas are what we are all about and why we are here, something you will not find on any other forum.

    If there is something to be improve on then improve it and come up with some idea that none of us have thought about. The whole idea is to share information and if you have something that works for you then share it with us, we want to know.

    I never would of thought about the grooved or scalloped wood strips and they would secure the seat in any position in the boat and also act as a strengthener on the bottom of a thinner, lighter weight, boat.

    Put two of them down on the bottom as runners to place the seat or seats on.

    Good idea , Rehong. (Keep thinking)

    If you have any ideas share them with us Good or Bad. All of us will learn faster with everyone helping.
  13. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Using the seat in the pirogue on the St.Mary's River trip and found that the bottom slat on the back rest had a tendency to rub the lower part of my back, when paddling and sitting slightly up from the seat and not using all of the back rest.

    Sitting back like I should there was not any problems ... only comfort , in fact very comfortable. :D

    I just wanted to let you know how it worked for me during a 4 day paddle and camping trip.
  14. kc4zvw

    kc4zvw Well-Known Member

    I started to build one and have all the pieces cut. I am about to glue the dowel
    rods into the side pieces. Made up brackets (jig) to get it square and bought the
    tie wraps today.

    Would it be better to finish paint/stain the slats before glueing/tacking them
    in place?

    Would routing (don't have a router yet) the top edges of the slats make
    the seat more comfortable?


  15. Swampy

    Swampy Well-Known Member

    Dave , while I haven't built this seat yet, I have built many chairs for the outside and inside. Yes, any round over on the top slats will add comfort to them. 1/4" is all you will need. A piece of sand paper ( about 80 grit) wraped around a small wood block and held at an angle will cut this edge great.
    A block plane will work also.
    A course file will work.
    A knife will do the job also.
    A 1/4" steel flat bar with a 5/16" or about hole drilled not quite through will peel off wood when used to slid down the grain.
    Then any motored tool will work: ie. drill, sanders, Dremil, ect.

    To paint any wood that has many faces and will be assembled closely together will be better covered before assembly. But, a spray system will cover great once assembled. If painted first, sand the areas where glue will be applied befor joining lightly.
  16. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member


    I assembled the seat and then epoxyed the whole thing, let it dry then sanded it and put on a 2nd coat of epoxy when that dried then I attached the back to the seat portion. The epoxy makes it look like there are several coats of varnish on it plus sealing the wood against any water.

    I also sanded all of the square edges to round them off with a wood block wrapped in sandpaper.
  17. andrewp

    andrewp Well-Known Member

    Ol' Sparkey!!! I'm shocked!!! You said you used sandpaper!!!!! Are you sure you didn't mean an emery board???? :lol: :lol:
  18. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Ya got'im, Andy. Ya got'im. Good shot!
  19. Swampy

    Swampy Well-Known Member

    Andy and jack, I saw this myself... Chuck uses the material that you strike wooden ( what else?) matches on!
  20. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    I don't know why but the store actually had some sandpaper in stock when I was in there. Thought I would save the emery boards till someone started building another boat and the sandpaper stock in central Florida is depleted again. :lol: :lol:

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