A light Weight Camping Outfit.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Finally getting a light weight , easy to take with you , camping arraignment together.

If anyone is looking for a lumbar ( Mountainsmith Day Pack ) pack that will do a lot of different things for you , I think this might be your answer , it sure works for me. The Mountainsmith Day Pack.
A quick description according to Mountainsmith.

Though the design honors the 35+ year history of this waist pack and has not changed much in shape, modern features make this version of the Day the best yet. Features now include a tuck away waist belt for messenger style carry, removable shoulder strap, traditional front panel bungee, Strapette compatibility (sold separately), interior tablet sleeve, smart phone compatible waist belt pocket, ridged EVA back panel padding with stash pocket, side water bottle holders, hanging inner sanctum pocket, zippered front panel pocket with key clip, bottom compression straps, and a headphone port. We have heard this product used for just about anything including a 3 day backpacking trip in the Sierras. Where will this fanny pack take you?
The Mountainsmith Day Pack.....................

They said ........We have heard this product used for just about anything including a 3 day backpacking trip in the Sierras. Where will this fanny pack take you?

They are not joking , this ( Mountainsmith Day Pack ) pack can be used as a small lightweight backpack without any straps over your shoulders if you prefer to not have them. If you want them they are a extra cost and sold as a accessory. They also have a rain cover your the pack.
The pack comes with a single shoulder strap to use if you wanted to use it as a regular bag.

I was looking for something I could use as a lightweight , small , fanny pack for use as a camping pack or backpack. Something without the shoulder straps since the implanted defibrillator ( in the right shoulder area ) I have would not like a strap tugging at it.
This Mountainsmith Day Pack is 1 lb 12 oz empty ( My scale says it is 1 lb 10 oz ) and will take 800 cubic inches of items inside it. The dimensions are 13 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches with the capability of strapping items to the back of it and even under it. Plus there are two water bottle pockets and if you want to a 1 liter platypus water container will slip in back of the lumbar padding area.

Here is what I am doing with it........................................
I can get one of my hammocks ( Warbonnet Blackbird ) inside it along with a McCat Silnylon 12 x 12 tarp strapped to the bottom of the pack. A fleece blanket ( if it is cool out ) inside with a inflatable pillow with the Therm-a-rest mattress and all of my food plus a small alcohol stove , cup , eating utensil , a bottle of alcohol for the stove , water purification plus a flashlight , bug dope and medications.
Some of those items are being replaced with lighter weight ones for summer use.

But right now all of this minus the dehydrated food and water weighs 7 1/2 pounds when together.

I am reducing the weight even more by dropping the fleece blanket ( 19.7 oz) and using a Dreamsack ( 5.4 oz) in place of it along with a lighter weight hammock.
The Warbonnet Blackbird weighs 2 lb 2 oz. I have a Grand Trunk Nano Hammock at 7 oz. The separate bug net for it is 16oz. A total of 1 lb 9 oz savings when warmer weather arrives. Plus I am looking for a 7 oz 11 x 11 Cuben Fiber tarp and when that gets here the pack weight will drop to 2.4 lbs from the 7 1/2 of today's weight.

A overnight or couple day pack weighing around 5 1/4 pounds without the consumables added to it and it might get lighter if I use my Silver Fire Scout Wood Burner Stove ( 12 oz ) ( if there is a burning ban on open fires ) since I would not have to have any liquid ( alcohol ) fuel for it and the fire would be contained.

Always looking for a lighter way to make it out there and enjoy life to the fullest. :D


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
michstripcanoe said:
Chuck: Your description of the camping outfit aroused my interest for sure. Where did you buy it? Wondering if it might be available from one of the big box stores. Thanks. Dapper Al.
I checked the web and found that the lowest price was from

Mountainsmith on there web site is asking $89.95 for the Day Pack with Cordura® fabric.

Amazon has the same day pack , Mountainsmith Lumbar-Recycled Series Day TLS R Backpack , for $55.22
It has the Mountainsmith Life Time Warranty.
It"s Made from............
450d ReForge (tm) Pet Body fabric ( 100% recycled) ...
420 Duramax (tm ) Nylon........
210d Poly Liner