A Loss

Kayak Jack

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Aug 26, 2003
Okemos / East Lansing Michigan
I fear that our member, Bear's Buddy, Jerry Morin, has gone to the greatest paddling river in the sky. I can't get a comeback on email, and both his cell and home phones are disconnected.

I first paddled with Jerry on Lake Mijinemungshing in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario. And, last paddled with him on Michigan's Au Sable Rivet. On that trip, Jerry had to pull off part way through because his shoulders were hurting him too much. The first time he paddled the Au Sable with us, he capsized two or three times. I never saw a guy who could stand up in thr river, watching his boat drifting away from him, and have such a bjg smile ln his face!

Good bye, old friend. I'll miss your smile.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Well, I could see, and shoot him if I have to. Would that be satisfactiry?
Not really since we don't advocate violence on here and especially capital felony violence. A simple newspaper clipping or verification from a family member would be sufficient.

As you said.....I can't get a comeback on email, and both his cell and home phones are disconnected.

Basic thought , he might be on vacation , moving or simply does not want to be contacted or actually is deceased. Which is it ?
Other contributing factors he might of changed web servers ( example , from AOL to Yahoo ) and phone service ( At&t to Verizon ) with out any notification to anyone. ( I just changed phones , carriers and numbers and only 4 people have it. If someone tried the old number and can't get me does that mean I'm deceased? )
Then there is the question , Could everything have been canceled for non payment and there are a lot of variable ways for it to happen.
The question is which one is it. Speculation , Guessing or drawing an assumption the person is deceased is not factual . UNLESS YOU KNOW FOR SURE !