Best wood for a Stripper?

sheena's dad

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Oct 30, 2006
Moscow, Idaho
Hi, ya Mick....

Went back to that site about the AVXL Plus... Closest distributer is Mexixo City. E-mailed them to see what I could do about getting some. Hopefully won't be too hard to get.

Thanks, again, Mate.



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Dec 8, 2005
Queensland, Australia
Hi Jack, Thanks mate,

I keep flicking back to All's beautiful boat and comparing it to my piss-poor effort with mine, and every time, I get a little more determined to just cut mine up and throw it away.

I have found a source of Sirian, an Indonesion species of Cedar that should be OK for boat building. Trouble is, cedar or Sirian for that matter is phohibitavely expensive here, so I am not sure if I'll even start.

Heya Dad, There would probably (certainly) be a US equivelent to this glue.
I would email some of the PVA manufacturers with the specs and perhaps even a link and see what they come up with. There are some very, very good wood-turners in your country who do laminations turning using PVA glue, so something similar will be available.

Ordinary PVA would probably be good enough IMHO anyway. The glue only has to hold the strips in place till you get the resin & glass on.