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Best Wood.....


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Oct 17, 2006
Lake Ocklawaha, Fl
Been reading the posts on Best Woods for a Strip Yak.
How good is Silver Maple? Got some that was salvaged from a "Beaver Dam" :shock: ( I'm not kiddin' :lol: ). What better use, then for a Kayak Deck ( what a story. "...well see these Beavers started the whole thing.... :roll: ). It has been dried to 6%, but what are the Pro's & Con's of Silver Maple? Thanks Guys

sheena's dad

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Oct 30, 2006
Moscow, Idaho
I'm not sure how it'd do for a 'yak but, my guess, it would make a beautiful boat of any kind.

Have made some beautiful baby furniture out of it for the grandkids when they started coming along. Being a hardwood I think the only worry would be the weight.

Not really up on 'yaks so I can't say about resilience (don't know anything about how they're put together).

Only experience with 'yaks was when my brother talked me into one out on one o' th' bayous here and a blasted snake fell into the cockpit with me :)shock: :shock: :shock:) and I couldn't get out th' boat!

Ain't been back in another one since..... 'Yakers have my respect...but I'd rather be able to exit in a hurry case I need to.


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Dec 8, 2005
Queensland, Australia
G'day my brother,

Don't know anything about the wood but apart from the weight factor, it might surprise you

get some strips ripped down to around 1/4inch by 3/4 inch and try it for elasticity. put some serious edge bend on it and see what it will take. if you can get it to edge bend in a nice curve - should be OK.

if not, you could always used it the tart up the brightwork on one of your other 'projects' :twisted: