Bought a great new stove


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I just bought this from St. Paul Mercantile via Amazon. They are a real good "family" operation, you'll never get shuffled off to their robot phone desk. Fast service and they KNOW THEIR PRODUCTS!! It was affordable, just $35 for a real stove....well, here's the review i wrote there:
Butterfly #2641 Basic 10-Wick Kerosene Cook Stove (Kitchen)
Simple is often best. And, this stove is simple. Easy to set up, easy to light, easy to operate. I have cooked on a Svea 123 pressure stove for decades and a variety of other "camp" or "portable" stoves and this one is the best when it comes to regular cooking service in a fairly fixed location. It is not a back-packing stove. It would be a good boat-camping stove and around the house or cabin it is outstanding. Plenty of heat, by actual test I think i am getting about twice what my Svea puts out and it is adjustable, like a regular kitchen stove. It is big enough that pans and pots sit on it completely, without having to be balanced on it like some smaller units. It will run on whatever an oil lamp or kerosene lamp runs on and the fuel has a lower explosion hazard than the gasoline based stove fuels (which you CANNOT burn in this one!!) For hurricane planning or other power outages, dinner on the patio or in camp, drinking-water preparation and many other things THIS IS THE STOVE TO BUY. Plan ahead, people. Next month could be too late. For the price of two large pizzas and drinks you can have a real cook stove.



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Aug 27, 2003
I got one about 5 years back. works well. I am keeping it and the generator for whenever there is a storm and the local power company's deferred maintenance shows itself. This has happened three times starting last summer. Shortest was overnight, longest was two days watching the freezer defrost itself.