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Brown Oar Factory Paddle

Discussion in 'Making your Own paddles' started by beekeeper, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. beekeeper

    beekeeper Well-Known Member

    Seedtick loaned me his Dad's paddle so I could make a pattern. This is my first attempt to copy the design. I only had a short time to get it made so I had to use some scrap lumber I already had.

  2. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    I'm so proud of you, Grammpa! (JD is my Grammpa. He makes boats for me.)
  3. beekeeper

    beekeeper Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jack. :)
    I made the paddle for my brother in law's birthday. A few days latter he called and said, Robin Brown the grand-daughter of John Allen Brown who was the last owner of Brown's Oar Factory was at his house and he showed her the paddle.
    She said she really liked it, and was honored somebody thought enough to copy one of their paddles. She still has one of the original oars from the factory.
    He also sent this note and picture. " I'm holding the paddle you made, and one that I rode my bicycle to the oar factory and bought for two dollars in about 1958."

  4. Gamecock

    Gamecock Well-Known Member

    That's real neat. Dave.

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