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Cane Bayou (lots of pics)

Discussion in 'Paddling Rivers in Your Area or State for everyone' started by rpecot, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. rpecot

    rpecot Well-Known Member

    After a stressful week of work and after suffering a mild case of burnout over here, I decided I needed to get on the water.

    Ethan and I loaded up the battleship and headed to Cane Bayou between Lacombe and Mandeville, LA.
    Put in is on Hwy 190. Cane Bayou separates Fountainebleau State Park to the west and Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge to the east. Can't see it from here, but the parking area was packed. This is a popular place.
    I've never seen manatees, but a friend who lives in Madisonville (further inland, west) has seen them.
    Lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery around here. We saw two osprey reluctant to leave this nest. Maybe some babies in there?
    One of five gators we saw today (smallest of the five, too). Couldn't get the camera ready in time for the others.
    Of course, the usual egrets and herons
    And hundreds of these guys
  2. rpecot

    rpecot Well-Known Member

    Some scenery:
    Tammany Trace rails-to-trails bridge. Around the first turn after the put in. I've actually ridden my bike from the house over this bridge. It goes all the way from Slidell to Covington.
    Hardwood forest. Wide water. Before you get to Lake Pontchartrain.
    Getting closer to the lake
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lake Pontchartrain, smooth as glass. At least until we pulled out the fishing poles.
    Of course, we didn't catch anything, but it was still fun.
    Unfortunately, work is never too far away (downtown New Orleans in the distance)
  3. Wannabe

    Wannabe Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the pictures Russell. Maby ya'll a catch fish next time, so long as you had fun.
  4. bearridge

    bearridge Well-Known Member

    Looks like a fine trip. Aint it nice when ya spend a day on the water without a hoodoochie! [chuckle]
  5. ezwater

    ezwater Well-Known Member

    Just did Cane Bayou in January '12. My pictures aren't as nice as yours, because of cloudy conditions. I'll be back in Nawlins in March and will try to do Tickfaw, and maybe something along the Pearl.

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