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Catfish close to home

Discussion in 'Fishing and other lies' started by jdupre', Aug 5, 2014.

  1. jdupre'

    jdupre' Well-Known Member

    Sunday morning, after doing a couple of honey-do's , I dug a bunch of worms from the worm bed, grabbed my catfish rod and pirogue and put in right behind the house in Bayou Lafourche. I slid the boat into the muddy water and paddled straight across to the shady side of the bayou. First thing I caught was a tiny bluegill which I used for cut bait. That didn't seem to work so I went back to the old standby......red wigglers.

    I caught two nice catfish a little less than 2 lbs apiece. I caught the last one right before lunch so I paddled back, cleaned the fish and got the grease hot.



    The whole process took about an hour just 200 feet from my back door. I do like living in the country.

  2. tx river rat

    tx river rat Well-Known Member

    Thats living right
  3. jdupre'

    jdupre' Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Ron, that's living. I kinda forget how much better REALLY fresh fish is.

    The water in Bayou Lafourche comes primarily from the Mississippi River about 7 miles upstream. Around 1900, the bayou was cut off from the Miss. and now the water is pumped into the bayou from the river. There is a program to dredge the bayou most of it's 100 mile length. The first leg of the program stopped about a mile upstream from me. This next leg is due to start next year and that should give me about 8+ feet of water behind my house. It's only about about 4.5 ft deep now. I anticipate even better fishing.

  4. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    You are living right , there is nothing better then some wild catfish fresh out of the water. :D

  5. catfish

    catfish Well-Known Member

    joey there isn't much better than a good cat dinner. the only thing that could be better is me there helping you eat it. :lol: :mrgreen: nice catch yea it must be nice to be that close to the water. :(
  6. Wannabe

    Wannabe Well-Known Member

    -*Back in the 70's I was running crew boats in the oilfield. My boss had ordered a new 40 ft. crew boat and His mechanic and I went to pick it up. We lift the shipyard and headed down Joey's bayou. It was a lot different back then . There was not as not near as many housed as there is not. Every now and then we would come to a bridge. We would stop and hold into the current as it was flooding and blow our horn. A man would come out of his house by the bridge, get this big a$$ed crank over his shoulder and walk to the bridge, put the crank into a socket and start going around and around until he had cranked the bridge open then we would go through and he would start cranking the other way to close the bridge. Joey has told me that all the old swing bridges are gone. The only constant in life id Change.

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