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Sep 9, 2007
South Louisiana
Went catfishing in Bayou Lafourche right behind my house after lunch. The water has been looking good lately so I dug a dozen worms and grabbed my rod and went upstream a couple hundred yards. I anchored there about a half hour with no luck fishing on the bottom. I decided to go further upstream up to where the bayou had been dredged. I got a bite within two minutes of the bait hitting the bottom. .....a nice eating size.
Rebaited and cast out and another bite came in short order. I set the hook and my rod broke at the handle and the reel fell to the floor of the boat. Still had the catfish on the line so I pulled him in hand over hand. Dang. I was left with the choice to paddle back a mile to the house and a mile back to my spot. Nope. I just layed the reel on top of the rest of the rod and casted as best I could. Result ......two more nice catfish.

By the way, that's the dark spot in the ply that appears to be water intrusion into the plywood. Hasn't hurt the fishing any. :)

This is my latest setup for quick anchoring. I hook the rope around a small cup hook and bring it back towards the middle and make a couple of wraps around two other hooks. The boat trails out to alow you easy casting upstream. Have the same setup on the left side as well as both sides at arms reach behind the seat to allow easy casting downstream. Less hassle than an anchor trolley.