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christmas gifts

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by savannahkelly, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. savannahkelly

    savannahkelly Well-Known Member

    Here are a few of the pens I turned this year for christmas gifts for one of the guys I work with. These are from scraps left over from the hardwood we used on the different planes this year. From left to right --- mahogany, birds eye maple, walnut, soft maple with mahogany strip, and 2 from zebra wood.

  2. beekeeper

    beekeeper Well-Known Member

    Great job. Very pretty wood and finish. :)

  3. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Refresh my memory here, Kelly? What is it you do with those woods on planes?
  4. savannahkelly

    savannahkelly Well-Known Member

    We build all the cabinets to complete the interiors for large business luxury jets, like the boeing business jet, embreier regional jet, gulfsteam g5 or similiar sizes.
  5. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    You sure take the scraps and make something really nice from them. The folks that received them should be very happy.

  6. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Very nice, Kelly. I like the grain and appearance of real wood.
  7. savannahkelly

    savannahkelly Well-Known Member

    The picture didnt do the birds eye maple justice. Once I finished them with boiled linseed oil and then super glue and final polish, it had a 3d look to it with the birds eye.

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