Clearwater springs in Florida |

Clearwater springs in Florida


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Had two clients come in for a short visit on Saturday, headed for some clearwater springs and creeks south of Hwy 40 in Florida. They will be meeting a whole group of frinds from around the country there for a week of paddling and camping. I tried to sneak into their van, but they caught me. anyone familiar with this area?



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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Piper ... Never heard of that area , are you sure it is in Florida :?:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

The town of Clearwater is over by St.Peat....... 40 is no where in that area. BUT.... 40 is the major road that hits the town of Silver Springs , the Silver River run and the Ocklawaha River where 9 of us will be paddling and camping for a week starting this coming Sunday.

Man , I sure hope they are off the river when we get there next week..... Or it might be some of our crew getting an early start but I drought that since most of them are local folks except one refugee from Mississippi , he drives a truck.

Thinking about it ..... They could be going over to Rainbow Springs State Park by Dunnellon and then down the Withlacoohee River or to the east of there at the Ocala National Forest and Alexander Springs River run or the Juniper Springs River run.

I drought it since those are usually a side river run while the Withlacoochee and the Ocklawaha are major attractions for paddling campers.



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chuck, the area was not named CLEARWATER, bhey were just going to paddle in clear-water.....not the slimey green stuff we see here on occasion.

Apparently, wherever they were headed there is an E-W highway that crosses lots of solo-canoe sized clear creeks and has camp grounds, etc handy.

sounded like fun......actually, almost anything sounds fun compared to the week I have planned in the shop and with my physician.



Oct 11, 2011
I went canoeing in Clearwater, Florida with a group of friends last year. The scenery was really beautiful and there are dolphins can be observed in the water. The water clarity is really clear and you can almost see the bottom of the ocean in certain parts of the water. Do you need a special permit to camp on Clearwater beach?