Curry in a hurry!


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
As far as I know anything that can be cooked at home can be done on the trail but normally in smaller ( single person ) amounts.
A person can Bake goods , Fry items , Boil meals , BBQ and do it all except for microwaving.
You can even cheat and get meals already dehydrated and made up at the grocery stores. I found a nice curry and peanut one at Publix.
Here's one you can make .

Kayak Jack

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Aug 26, 2003
Okemos / East Lansing Michigan
I used to cook in camp, but have since given it up. I cook at home. I make granola bars (Cap’n Jack’s Power Bars). One of these serves as breakfast. (There’s an hour of cooking and cleanup time that is slent moving instead of sitting in camp.). Additionally, I eat the power bar in bites while paddling to the next camp. There’s 1/3 of an hour moving instead of sitting in camp. Lunch is a small bag of nuts, driec fruits, and either some jerky or string cheese.

In the evening I light a fire, and heat water. This is for tea and to wet up my dehydrated foodstuffs. This technique lightened my load by about 15 pounds, and let me make about 5 miles of progress that would otherwise be lost, or done at greater cost.

Not everyone wants to do it this way. So, give yourself an advantage - buy a package of rice that is pre-cooked, then dehydrated. Rehydrate (“cook”) it in camp and add seasonings. For curry dishes, a packet of Golden Curry does a bang-up job. You will find it in the better oriental marts.