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Design you own boat

Discussion in 'Serious Boat Building Questions' started by funbun, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. funbun

    funbun Well-Known Member

    Is designing you own boat a hard thing to do? Where do you start? Is there as steep learning curve?
  2. hairymick

    hairymick Well-Known Member

    I don't know mate.

    Frankly, I couldn't e bothered trying. Matt's fleet of very good boats keeps me going, his prices are very fair and I don't think it is worth the effort of learning.

    But then again, I am an IT idiot.
  3. islandpiper

    islandpiper Well-Known Member

    The first rule is to displace more water than you and the bought will weigh, dry...everything else is charm. Design all the boats you want, or can.....and prove them by building them out of your own pocket, before you expect anyone else to pop for them.

  4. seedtick

    seedtick Well-Known Member

    i hesitate to agree with piper........ but he's right

    find a couple you like, build to those plans

    tweak the plans to your liking for a couple more boats

    get to where you can build from a picture, either in your hand or in your head

    unless you're exceptionally lucky and/or skilled, it'll take a few boats to get something you really like plus a few more to get anyone willing to think about paying for your time
  5. tx river rat

    tx river rat Well-Known Member

    or be like me just build it out of your head and make it work.
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  6. funbun

    funbun Well-Known Member

    I'm mostly interested in building something for myself. I building an Uncle John's Pirogue, but I want to add an south pacific style outrigger. I guess the next step would be to build some kind of round bottom design with an outrigger.

    I'm interested in outrigger canoes for fishing these big rivers, lakes and reservoirs around here especially with all the barge traffic.

    I'll just finish the outrigger pirogue then go from there. That may be plenty enough for me. I wasn't particularly interested in selling.
  7. islandpiper

    islandpiper Well-Known Member

    Funbun, I really think the only way to make this happen is to take a month or so and research the whole outrigger thing, IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC. If you can't get off work, I'd be happy to do this for you. I can get measurements, balance info, full photographic documentation, the works. I've found Orbitz.com to be about the best. So, buy the tickets, and send them to me and I'll be happy to do my part to make your design-dreams come true.

    Now, I could go alone, but I'd probably do better work if my wife came along to hold the other end of the tape measure and carry the clipboard.

    So, buy TWO tickets.

    This spot here looks like a good place to start:

    Glad to help out.

  8. Ozark

    Ozark Well-Known Member

    OK Piper your gonna make me tell you of my first boat build.
    First off we had no plans other than we're gonna build a boat.
    Steve and I gathered up as much plywood as we could beg and started cutting what we thought would look like a boat. Oh she was wonderful kinda reminds me of a peerow now. Dad was just amazed at us boys, see'in that we used all his store bought nails. Oh she sailed fast and straight......... to the bottom of grandpa's pond.
  9. Wannabe

    Wannabe Well-Known Member

    The way I heard it, a boat is just a modified box. I guess the trick is to get it modified right.
  10. bearridge

    bearridge Well-Known Member

    Friend funbun,

    Sounds like the Tennessee Tombigbee comes yer way. Most of the fellas on here jest tweak other folks' plans.....mostly Matt's. If ya git a set frum Matt, him 'n others on here will near bout help ya build it. No point in wastin' time on that curve.


    Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.
  11. islandpiper

    islandpiper Well-Known Member

    Let's admit it guys, great boats have been built "as you go", including much of the British Navy that ruled the world in years past. But, every now and then, things don't join up as you expect and then you can back up, put some material in the fire pit and try again.

    I suggest that the books by Phillip Bolger might be of some help. He designed MANY boats, some normal and some not so normal. And Dynamite Payson built them, either way.

    Seems like he had some neat outrigger designs if I remember back. His books are available at Amazon or on eBay usually, evenif out of print.

  12. Ozark

    Ozark Well-Known Member

    Oh I forgot to tell you Steve and I were just eight.
  13. bearridge

    bearridge Well-Known Member

    I figger Google knows a heap more'n us.
  14. FrankAS

    FrankAS Active Member

    Chessapeak Light Craft has a good set of outrigger plans, a sample of study plans is about a buck or so.

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