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Different prices for the same stuff.

Discussion in 'Campfire Chatter , including questions and mistake' started by oldsparkey, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    I was curious today and did some snooping around , both on the web and in the store. I checked on the camping foods a person can purchase over the web and then what can be found in a store in your local area.

    From the web. These folks appear to have the best food that is already dehydrated and ready for a camper. It's a family ran business. :D
    Outfitter's Choice Garlic Mash Potatoes
    Outfitter's Choice Garlic Mash Potatoes A no-cook, quick and easy mashed potato with a burst of garlic. Makes two 9 oz. servings. (Note: this is not a available in 4 serving size.) (3 oz. pkg. wt.)
    This is from http://www.cachelake.com/ where they have a decent selection of dehydrated foods.

    My local grocery store.
    I went to Publix Supermarket and purchased IDAHOAN Mashed Potatoes in a foil pouch that makes 4 servings of potatoes and they come in a nice assortment of different flavors. ( 4 oz. pkg. wt. )
    Cost $1.00

    http://idahoan.com/products/roasted-gar ... -potatoes/

    I have found that I can get just about everything I want at the grocery store or a health food store ( dehydrated items ) for a trip and spend a lot less. Plus I think the food tastes better , even considering that some hikers call instant Oatmeal , Gag-meal. :lol: It's not bad for a week or so in the woods for quick and easy breakfast.
    The Mountain House , Backpackers Pantry , Natural High and AlpineAir all mass produced commercial dehydrated food producers taste about the same and leave you hungry.

  2. mike

    mike Well-Known Member

    The Idahoan Baby Reds are great! I use them all the time around here.


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