Disgusting , Really Disgusting.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
I was betting on the weather cooling down and becoming some good camping weather.
The part that really hurts is after a long and hot Summer the weather is getting into decent camping temperatures. Night before last it was 48 in the morning and this morning it was 50 degrees with a daytime high of the low 70's. According to the weather experts this trend is suppose to continue. For us it is unexpected to have those cool temperatures so early but really welcome.

As you might know Florida had a windy female visitor called Irma last month. That Hurricane really did a number on the state.

I had a No Nothing type of a camping trip planned at Seminole Ranch on the St,Johns River for the 1st part of November. Yep the one spot all of us old guys like to go to and camp in tents of hammocks , do some bank fishing and sit around a campfire shooting the Bull. Not forgetting the evenings entertainment of a few adult beverages and all sorts of snacks by the fire.

Well all the rain from Irma caused a flood stage the St.Johns River has not seen in more years then I care to remember.
It's will be 9 weeks from the storm to the camping date and everything is flooded and will be flooded for a while.
The road into the area is 6 miles in length and right now only the 1st half mile is above water.
We had to cancel the trip and let the guys know it is a No Go due to the flooded conditions.

Looking around at other areas where we like to camp. Every area I checked is still flooded or parts of them are flooded. Walking threw some spots it is a squish , squash with each step till I got to the standing water areas.

Two things have come from the Hurricane one good and one not so good. There will be tons of fire wood later when a person can camp in those areas. There is a bumper crop of Mosquitoes from all the standing water and breeding areas. Your choice on which is good and which is bad.

The up side it that all of the areas will eventually dry out and camping will be available. Probably during Winter or early Spring and with some luck both times.

The disgusting part is that My backpack is packed. I have a new Backpack , Tarp and Hammock to try. The bear canister is packed with food and a bottle of an adult beverage in a side pocket ready for a campfire.
The upside is none of it will spoil , rot or go anywhere and will be there for later.