Dog Hunting


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Oct 1, 2021
Anyone here hunting with dogs. what dogs have you got? I am thinking to thinking about getting a pup and training it.
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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Stopped hunting years ago , to many idiots in the woods. I was at a local restaurant early one morning. Other hunters were also there and I overheard this conversation at the next table. One hunter asked , Did you see any Deer yesterday. His Buddy , no but I got a sound shot at one. I could not resist asking , What's a Sound Shot ????
"O" That's when you hear the deer but don't see it. Finished my breakfast , loaded up and went straight home.

Back when I was hunting and going with the guys who ran dogs there were two different breeds. Both were for Deer. Either the Walker Hounds or Beagles.
Beagles are more fun , they love to chase Rabbits. With some training you can get then to chase Deer. As a side benefit they make nice pets and intruder alarm systems when keep in the house. I had a Beagle/ Basset combination I called a Bagel. He would turn himself inside out when we loaded up and went out to the St Johns River marsh to ( hunt ) Rabbits , mostly it was for him to run Rabbit's and get some good exercising fun.


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Jun 29, 2009
Howdy LouisBMason! Welcome aboard!

Hunting with dogs can be a lot of fun. I used to have a couple of coon hounds many years ago. Just be aware that not all states allow hunting with dogs and some are species specific. Here in Texas there can even be different regulations in different counties. Check your local laws first and then have just as much fun as you can stand.

If you do get into the sport post some pictures of the dogs. We all love seeing pictures of what the others are doing.

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Aug 26, 2003
Okemos / East Lansing Michigan
I was raised by a Beagle. (To be truthful, Mom and Dad taught me a few things, but Tippy had the lead position.) She had some rat terrier in her too, so she had some brains. She’s been gone a bit over 67 years now. I still have her picture, and still miss her.

“Oh, God. Please make me as good a man as my dog thinks I am?”


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Aug 27, 2003
A bagel is what I called our beagle/basset mix. Wife named her Fritz as in Snicklefritze. She was with us 13 years. Her one pup lived 19 and one half years. Still miss them both, even though we have had two dogs since. Beary was with us 16 years and Gus has been here seven. Still have the pictures saved from the house fire.