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Double Hurricane Threat and some fun.

Discussion in 'General' started by oldsparkey, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Irma ( Hurricane class 5 ) is coming for a visit and folks are going nuts. I guess no one knows Jose ( Tropical Storm at this time ) is right behind her and following her.

    As luck would have it , last week I ordered this
    Wise Food Grab N' Go Freeze Dried Meals 56 Serving Bucket

    It is arriving today so between the rest of the Mountain House and Harmony Home dehydrated meals I have we are set. We did not do any of the normal shopping because we had a feeling a storm was coming , after all it is September. We did not want a full freezer , which we do not have at this time. Around here you can always count on the power going out. We did get some can goods ( Soups ) bottled water . peanut butter and crackers as snacks.

    The grocery stores are going nuts , actually it's all of the last minute panicked shoppers and there is a ton of them. Everyone had grocery carts filled to over flowing and then more stuck on the top of all of it.

    After feeding the stray cat this morning , he's been hanging out with us for the last 5 years . We were low on cat food so I went in and got some spare cans of cat food this morning and what a ZOO. People are going krazy buying stuff and trying to make sure they get it and no one else does. It's worse then a lot of ladies at a bargain sale for something they are willing to fight over. I lucked out and no one bothered me when I got the cat food ( The pet food isle was almost deserted ) but I did get some strange looks.

    I spent the morning putting up hurricane shutters on the house which does get you a little dirty.
    Thinking about it.....Ha Ha Ha , a gray haired old fart who needed a shave , wearing dirty tan shorts , worn out faded Crocks with no socks and a sweaty white T Shirt. Topping off the fashionable outfit was a frayed , faded , black baseball hat.
    What might of caused the stares was what was in my hand basket. I had a box of saltine crackers and a box of wheat thins in the hand basket along with the 7 cans of Fancy Feast Salmon.......Hell any southerner would know it was for the cat since there wasn't a bottle of hot sauce. Snicker , snicker.

    Dam , if I was thinking I could of had a couple of lemons in there. I mean who does not like lemon on their fish and crackers. LOL

    I thought it was because of the bag of ice ( a rare and sought after item ) i was holding. I believe it was my looks and the assortment in my hand basket. The guy behind me was giving me a look and staring at me and my hand basket while he stood there with two cartons of bottled water. When I looked at him he gave a sheepish smile and said he could not believe he actually found some drinking water.

    I told him that water during a hurricane is not a problem and that I like to camp. Plus I have been threw Florida's storms in the past 73 years and found a way to handle that problem. Take a 55 gallon trash can , line it with a clean 55 gallon trash bag and fill it with water. Then you can also use the water to flush the crapper if necessary. Or you can filter or purify the water with the water filter or purifier used when camping. I just smiled and said ... It's good for 100,000 gallons before it needs to be replaced.
    I wounder if he thought I meant the water in the crapper. :rolleyes:

    Might as well have some fun with the new folks. :)


  2. Gamecock

    Gamecock Well-Known Member

    Hey Chuck, you really got me laughing. I like it. I like it. Dave.
  3. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    When you carry cat food, you're not as suspect as when you're carrying vieinnies.
  4. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Are you kidding the viennies were the 1st things to disappear off the shelves when the hurricane panic hit. The folks gobbled them up ( Pun intended ). Next was the Ritz crackers and Louisianan Hot Sauce both items complement the little Viennies.
    Standard procedure is to dig out a Viennie with your pocket knife. A trick that serious viennie conasures can do without damaging the little wiener. Then put it on a Ritz with a sprinkle of the Hot Sauce over it. That's providing the store did not carry of the Viennies packed in hot sauce or are all sold out so you had to make your own.

    I drove by the store this morning but keep going , intended to stop but said to heck with it. It was a mission of mercy since I am almost out of grits. Any way I thought I was till I got back home and in desperation dug around in the pantry and locating a unopened bag of the little delicious morsels. Yep , Life is Good.

    According to the gloom and doom boys on the local weather channel. The new forecast ( Gestamation ) is showing the eye of the storm coming right over my place. If that is true I can see the power being out for a spell.

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