Duck carry straps


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Sep 9, 2007
South Louisiana
This is the first job to come out of my new shop. It's not even wired up yet and not all the tools are moved in.

The darker strap is the original 60 year old family keepsake. I replaced the straps and rings on one side. The guy wanted the two new straps to have three carriers per side. It took a little finessing, but I got the third one in there. Each side of the orignal was a 38" piece doubled to make two carriers. It took me a while to find a number that I could double and come out with 3 ends. :wink:
The customer furnished the rings and will get someone to letter stamp the new straps.

152 holes marked, drilled and stitched! Whew!


Sep 18, 2013
Good looking leather work. I make mine out of paracord with three drops per side. Been wanting to try some leather work, just haven't gotten around to it yet.