Errors of Hoomin Beans

Kayak Jack

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Aug 26, 2003
Okemos / East Lansing Michigan
I moved this from the Serious Boat Building part:
LesForgue said:
Kayak Jack said:
Sounds like you used up a week's worth of good luck - just on that one day.
Guess I should keep it to myself how one day I was splitting short pieces of fire wood, holding the piece erect and getting my hand out of the way as the tool come down, and something distracted me for a nanosecond, LUCKILY I was using a dull splitting maul, not a sharp axe, so I got off with a a light sentence of a week or 2 with a black (and painful) thumb.
OR, maybe I should not mention the time I put some Coleman fuel (just about half an ounce) into my home made stove, thinking the Coleman fuel was like kerosene, not knowing it was more like gasoline, when I applied a lit match the stove lid launched into the air smacking me in the forehead and a ball of fire trimmed all my facial hair to about 1/32 inch, plus even tho it was -25F I got an instant sun burnt face. There should have been a label on the Coleman fuel saying "THIS SUBSTANCE IS MORE LIKE GASOLINE THAN KEROSENE". or at least it should say "Mama dint raise no fool".
Yeah I sure have kept them guardian angels busy at various times.
bcwetcoast said:
Kayak Jack said:
I see a miniature, hand-held, circular saw by Dremel advertised. Like a Ginsu knife, it cuts through all materials, albeit they have to be thin for the small diameter blade to accommodate them.
Has anyone tried one of these? I'd think that, being a circular saw, it could still pinch and sling. Though, being small, maybe it would throw itself instead of the material?
The saw blade of the Dremel doesn't have enough mass, therefore build up enough momentum, that you couldn't hold it back (assuming you have a proper grip). If you have a small piece of material lightly held, I guess it could throw it, but anything more than a pound I doubt would move very much.
Yeah but those little saw blades are so thin, seems like they could tear into pieces, so I reckon they call for eye protection. I have a big box made of plexiglass that you could work inside while you're face is above it out of harm's way.
I just came from a seminar on runway safety. They divided accidents into three categories - all three of them caused by human errors.
I figure that we're about as perfect as our Creator wants us to be. If She wanted us to be more perfect - we would be. So, seeing as how we haven't changed much in about 100,000 years, I'm not looking for any change this week, or this year.
We all have to slow down a bit in actions, and speed up a lot in thinking. That sounds a lot like work.