Euans first Fish!


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Nov 27, 2009
Belfast, (but from killyleagh)
Well… Saturday morning so up early and took the 2 kids to father and toddlers
(Bacon and cheese in croissants and a cup of tea while the kids play.. hard to beat)

My wife picked my daughter up to head off to a birthday party…. So a short walk homw and Euan and myself loaded the canoe onto the roof… grabbed the gear and headed off for his first trip fishing for Pike.
Had to grab his sisters welly boot as he had outgrown his.

The lake is outside the small village where I grew up and where my folks still live.
This is where I caught my fist pike with my dad when I was a little un.
It was about 12:00 and I wanted to be at my folks for 2:30 to catch the rugby match between Wales and Ireland (Ireland won!)
5mins away from the lake… and Euan needed to go to the toilet.. so into the village to my sisters house… and also grabbed Euan some toast so we lost about 50mins in time.
Got to the lake… all to ourselves (just the way I like it) so lifted Euan, the pirogue and the fishing gear over the gate and we crossed the two fields.
This was the reason for trying to make it lightweight and small. (althoug still left me puffed!)
The Idea behind making the boat was so I could bring the kids fishing with me.
Got down to the water … about half a dozen ducks flew off… it was overcast but calm enough, a little chilly.

Rod set up… fly on and after showing Euan how to hook me and reel me in….i lifted Euan into the boat.
Water was a little lower than normal so picked up a scratch in the varnish on a large pointy rock…. First real war wound (may graphite someday)

Climber Into the boat myself and pushed off for a few laps of the lake.. it was now about 2:00 so we would only have 30mins and would be a little late for the match.

I cast out and give the rod to Euan and let him let out some more line to trawl along.
He asked could we catch the two swans…. But I said we would stick to the fish.

As I paddled I waited in anticipation for the rod to twitch and said to Euan he needs to hold on really tight in case a fish would pull.
I paddled along a reed bed that I have caught a lot of fish around before… but we had no takes.
I started to turn in a wide arc to trawl back down along this side and was watching the swans when Euan said


I said “Yes”

He said
“I am having to hold on really tight because I think there is a fish pulling!!!”

I looked at the rod and sure enough the line was tight and the top of the rod was kicking back and forward..

I said “you’ve got one!!!!!!.... we need to reel him in”

Euan was able to turn the handle… and reel him in for a bit…. We both had big smiles.

It was a bit much to ask him to bring it right in so I passed him the net and took the rod.

Euan said “I’m So exited……!!!!" And was making funny shreeks… lol.

The fish was still on and after a surging run I brought it near the boat.

A black tail appeared out of the water and then an eye peeked out. "I see an EYE!" he said.

The fish came along side and then we both got him in the net! Bingo!

I lifted the net into the boat… it was a nice fish maybe about 2.5lb

Euan looked a little shocked at first due to the size. but then a BIg smile came.

We had drifted into the reeds… so I descded we would paddle quickly to the side and get out for some photos… we were both laughing in excitment.

We got to the side and I lifted Euan out… then the rod and the fish.

Here are some Photos:

Euan said “Can we cook him!!!”
I had to explain that we already had stuff for dinner… and it’s good to put fish back when we dont need them.
"Do we have to, can we not eat it?"he said... maybe another day.
After a kiss....We put him back and off he went for another trip.

After that we paddled off to the other side and I dragged and carried the boat back to the car.

Off to Granny and Granda’s where Euan was able to say “I got my first fish!!!”

He was having a good day :D

The Rugby start was delayed… so we caught most of the game… good stuff.

He enjoyed telling his mum and sister too all about it.
It was incredible to share that day…I almost feel emotional typing this out.
I’m sure Euan will remember it for a long time. (Glad I got some photos)
~I'm sure his dreams were full of fish that night.



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Nov 27, 2009
Belfast, (but from killyleagh)
Kayak Jack said:
Give a big hug to that little guy, from all of us Grandpas out here, ehh?
well... bedtime last night and after stories (and playing the 'try and tackle daddy to the floor' game :) ) both Emily and Euan were tucked into thier Beds.
I remembered this post and went into Euan's room... he was still awake.

I climbed onto his bed beside him.... his nose and eyes were peeking out over the top of his duvet... i could see the wee smile on his face as he was expecting me to tickle him (as i do frequently lol..).

I said "can i tell you something"
"Yes" he said.
I said " well on the internet... I had put a photo of you catching your first fish and people were saying well done and that they are proud of you". to which he grinned.
"well...", i said.
"One of the people on the computer is someones Grandad and he is called Jack, and he said i should give you a big hug!"
I gave him a big squeezy hug...duvet, blanket, pillow and all.... he went "hugghhhhhhhhhh" as i squeezed him to show that he liked it.
"was it Jacks Grandad?" he whispered.....(There is a boy in his playgroup class called Jack Magee)
"No.... i'm not sure actually whose grandad he is.... but his name is Jack."
"Oh....ok" he said with a smile.
I said night night again and left him to it... "see you in the morning."

So there you go.... :wink: